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'The Traitors' Star Kate Chastain Isn't Sweating The Upcoming Reunion, But Would Like An 'Apology To Kate' Segment

Kate Chastain is going into the reunion special on Peacock feeling "pretty comfortable," but does admit to being "super annoyed" at fellow star Arie Luyendyk for comments he made.

By Tyler McCarthy
The Traitors Kate Chastain Interview

Although the competition is complete, the drama on “The Traitors” Season 1 is far from over. Andy Cohen will host a reunion of the Peacock original on Feb. 28 that promises to air any remaining grievances cast members have amongst themselves. However, despite being one of the season’s most controversial and arguably villainous figures, Kate Chastain isn’t sweating the get-together.

The “Below Deck” star made it to the final roundtable of the season before ultimately being voted off. Well before that, though, she made it clear she had very little interest in being at the castle playing the game anymore. Unfortunately for her, that attitude made her an easy person for the Traitors to keep around as she routinely drew the wrong kind of attention to herself among "The Faithful." Despite that reputation, Kate explained to USA Insider why she’s not worried about being in the hot seat at the reunion. 

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“I'm not really nervous. I’m the least nervous I've ever been going into reunion because, whatever,” she explained. ”Also I feel like I'm coming from a place of, ‘I told you so,’ and ‘Look how far I made it.’ I feel like there should be an ‘Apology to Kate’ segment in there, just saying. I feel like I'm going in pretty comfortable.” 

In addition to feeling vindicated by the ultimate outcome of the game, the Bravolebrity noted she also feels more comfortable on a reunion stage than most of her likely detractors.

“Should there be any moments where I am in the hot seat, I also feel like that home court advantage because daddy Andy is the host, you know? I'm with my people, we're hosting.”

Although she’s going into the special feeling comfortable and, frankly, over the drama of the show, Chastain does have some axes left to grind still, particularly with co-star Arie Luyendyk. She previously called out the “Bachelor” star on Twitter for negative comments he made about her being a “cancer” in the group, both on the show and in a subsequent interview — even though he eventually turned Traitor and came inches away from winning the game alongside fellow Traitor, Cirie Fields

When asked if she’s still holding a grudge against Luyendyk for his comments, she made it clear she plans to make him answer for them at the reunion.

“I'm actually super annoyed with that, I really am,” she said. “When I watch[ed] that scene, it stung because it's such an intense thing to call someone.”

Chastain noted the comments were “a little too harsh” and recalled getting a notification on her phone that he had done an interview after the show in which he talked about her. At the time, she thought he surely would walk back those comments but was shocked to see him double down.

“I can't wait to explain to him all the reasons he's wrong because, let's not forget, he did, the next day, become a Traitor and stab everyone in the back! So, you know, who's really the problem here?”

Catch up on “The Traitors” before the reunion special drops on Feb. 28 only on Peacock

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