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Cirie Fields Discusses Betraying Rachel Reilly Ahead Of 'The Traitors' Reunion

Rachel Reilly had the most uncomfortable exit from "The Traitors," and Cirie Fields is talking all about it.

By Tyler McCarthy

The winner of “The Traitors” recently opened up to USA Insider about betraying one of their pre-show friends in one of the most explosive and uncomfortable roundtable votes of Season 1

[SPOILER ALERT for Season 1 of “The Traitors"]

The show boasted a handful of former competition game show cast members, including the person who ultimately won, Cirie Fields. Past gameplay was left largely untouched among the Faithful until it came time to vote out former “Big Brother” winner, and Cirie’s “Snake In The Grass” teammate, Rachel Reilly, whose elimination ended up being one of the most contentious of the season. 

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Rachel spent her time in the hot seat lashing out at her fellow Faithful, calling them “idiots” for thinking about getting rid of her after her arch-rival, Kate Chastain, accused her of treachery. In the end, she made it clear on her way out the door that she did indeed take the betrayal personally and blamed everyone who voted for her for conspiring against her. The moment was harsh and difficult to watch (not to mention made for great reality TV), but for Cirie, it was brutal to sit through. 

“I really like Rachel, I care about Rachel, seeing people you care about being accused and having it be so dramatic, especially in the way Rachel went out, it was everything I could do not to say, ‘I’m so sorry Rachel! I’m a Traitor!’” Cirie explained. “I felt that way with Rachel, I felt that way with Shelbe [Rodriguez]. I don’t know, certain ones hit really hard for me.”

Cirie previously told USA Insider that she simply moved in the direction of the house when it came time to figure out who to banish, even if that meant eliminating her fellow Traitors. However, when her friend’s metaphorical head was on the chopping block, she couldn’t hide in the shadows. When the tide started to turn, Rachel reached out to her friend, hoping for a lifeline that she was unable to give. In the end, Cirie voted to eliminate Rachel, getting her one step closer to the prize money but doing what seemed like irreparable damage to their relationship. Although Rachel seemed furious with everyone and especially hurt by Cirie when she was voted out, once the cameras stopped rolling, Cirie says her better judgment and gameplay manners prevailed. 

“Rachel and I have talked and she understands,” Cirie revealed. “Rachel is a gamer, so that is the advantage I have with Rachel. She understands this is a game to be won and if she were in my position, she would have done the same thing.” 

Although Rachel and Cirie have apparently patched things up, that’s not to say that she’s cool with everyone. “Bachelor” star Arie Luyendyk and Christian De La Torre were also active Traitors at the time who contributed to Rachel’s exit. Not to mention she never exactly patched things up with Chastain after their not-so-subtle barbs back and forth with each other throughout the entire show. 

Fans will have to wait until “The Traitors” Season 1 reunion special to find out where she stands with all of them. 

Catch up on “The Traitors” Season 1 on Peacock right now. And make sure to watch the Season 1 "The Traitors" reunion special when it hits Peacock on Feb. 28.

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