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'The Traitors': Cirie Fields Says She's 'Perfect' With Andie Thurmond After Finale Betrayal

No one was more betrayed in "The Traitors" finale than Andie Thurmond. However, winner Cirie Fields says they're on great terms going into the reunion.

By Tyler McCarthy
The Traitors Cirie Interview2

One of the most jaw-dropping reality TV moments in recent memory was undoubtedly the moment Cirie Fields, the most savage and cunning player on Peacock's “The Traitors,” finally revealed she had conned her way to being the sole winner of the $250,000 grand prize. Speaking to USA Insider, the Season 1 winner revealed that, despite the initial shock, she believes she’s on “perfect” terms with the other cast members now. 

For those who need a refresher, Cirie made it all the way to the finale with Quentin Jiles, Andie Thurmond, and her fellow late-recruit traitor, “Bachelor” star Arie Luyendyk Jr. She could have won the game right there, but she decided to turn on Arie, who bowed out of the game rather than fight for the cash. After accepting thanks from a grateful Andie and Quentin, Cirie was forced to reveal she had been playing them all along and they were going home with nothing. 

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Quentin was shocked, but it was Andie’s tearful reaction to the betrayal that made the moment such a bittersweet victory for Cirie. 

“It was so good and bad in so many ways, it’s crazy,” she explained. “You know, during the whole process, I never wanted to have to stand in the Circle of Truth and say to the Faithfuls that I’m a Traitor, right? So I dreaded that. When I saw Christian [De La Torre] do it, when I saw Cody [Calafiore] do it, I was like ‘Oh my God, I don’t want to do this!’ Then to have it culminate the way it did in the finale, I knew I would have to eventually say what I was, but I knew the impact it was going to have on Andie and that’s what I dreaded.” 

She noted she was grateful to Andie for showing her grace in the moment, but knew she had some fences to mend with her new friend after the finale.

“I put myself in their shoes and I knew, if it was me, I would be devastated, and they were,” she added. “I had to take the good with the bad on that one.” 

She continued: “Once we started being there and playing the game and forming bonds and friendships, that’s when it hit me, ‘Damn, if I do make it to the end, if I do win this game, I’m going to have to say to Andie that I am a Traitor and Andie is going to question everything about our relationship, even though our relationship was separate from the game!' I truly bonded with Andie — I truly consider Andie a family member now. That had nothing to do with the game, but then I have to tell them I’m a Traitor. I dreaded that. I knew it was going to be awful. So I couldn’t even revel in the fact that I just won because I was so devastated that they were so devastated.” 

In fact, Cirie believes she wouldn’t have made it to the end without the trust that her relationship with Andie gave her. 

“I have to say [my relationship] with Andie added safety for me because we were so close and everybody trusted Andie,” she said.

Now that the show is over and there’s some clarity behind what took place at Alan Cumming’s lavish castle, Cirie says her conversations with the other Faithful have gone well, especially with Andie. 

“We’re all cool,” she said. “We’re all perfect. We’re going to have our reunion show soon. I can’t wait to see everybody. Everybody was so gracious and understanding and they all asked me why I didn’t recruit them!” 

Catch up on “The Traitors” Season 1 on Peacock now. And catch "The Traitors" reunion special when it premieres on Feb. 28.

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