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Temptation Island's Sebastian Barraza Reveals Fight That Didn't Make It to Air

Sebastian found himself winning over Kaitlin on Temptation Island, but that didn't sit well with her former suitor, Michael. 

By Tyler McCarthy

The love triangle between Kaitlin Tufts, Michael Zappa and Sebastian Barraza came to a head in the latest episode of Temptation Island. With Kaitlin’s relationship with Hall Toledano more than on the rocks, Michael began to pressure her to choose between him and Sebastian, which didn't really work in his favor. 

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A love triangle is always interesting and it’s often the bread and butter of Temptation Island. Luckily, Sebastian spoke with USA Insider to unravel the complicated web he was tangled up in and how he felt about Kaitlin’s inability to make a decision. 

Since the moment he came on screen this season, it’s been clear to everyone that Sebastian is a very relaxed guy who doesn’t let stuff get to him. However, that didn’t stop Kaitlin from getting under his skin. 

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“I think she reminded me a lot of my ex,” he explained. “They actually both lived in South Carolina. So I think it was kind of like just a comfortable thing for me. … I realized I started gravitating more towards Kaitlin and just her whole personality, how she carries herself, the way she was in terms of being respectful with everything. Because she was engaged, obviously, and she wasn't really entertaining most guys. Until obviously, Hall started doing what he started doing."

Although Sebastian found himself in a flirtation with Kaitlin, she’d already been on dates with Michael and they had a bond. That said, he wasn’t about to let that stop him. He noted that Michael quickly took this personally.

“They were already forming something special. So, I knew that it was going to cause some drama. But, at the end of the day, I went for myself. I'm there to find love myself," he said. "So, I didn't really care even if I had already formed a good friendship with Mike.” 

He alleged: “As soon as I started getting in the picture he went to tell her right away that I was there for just exposure and like I was there for the wrong reasons. A whole bunch of nonsense, which was kind of messed up because literally two days before that [I had] opened up to Mike about my ex. And I got emotional with him.” 

Sebastian revealed that this led to a heated argument that didn’t make it to air in which he abandoned his chill demeanor and confronted Michael for talking behind his back.

“It kind of hurt a little bit, which I think is why I kind of got angry. Just because I thought we had a little bit more of a friendship than that,” he said. 

Although he said the argument got heated, they settled it like adults with Michael allegedly apologizing. While he's still a little upset about the whole thing, Sebastian said it ultimately helped his relationship with Kaitlin. 

“It only pushed her more to me, because it made him look jealous, in a bad way,” he explained. “Because there's a good jealous and a bad jealous… I just took it as, ‘You're obviously jealous and it hurt you, so I wasn't gonna get like too deep about it.’ But, at the moment, I was kind of angry. I thought I was going look bad, but I guess, it worked out.” 

Sebastian may have won the battle, but does he win the war for Kaitlin’s affection? Curious fans will have to tune in to the remainder of Temptation Island Season 5 to find out. 

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