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Is Temptation Island Real, How Long Is the Journey and More Common Questions

Have you ever watched reality television and wondered if it's real or scripted? Here's a closer look at filming for Temptation Island, including how long the contestants are in the villas. 

By Shameika Rhymes
Ash Lamiroult while filming Temptaion Island

Fans are anxiously awaiting a new season of Temptation Island. While we know that Season 5 is coming to USA Network soon, many are wondering about the show as a whole. 

How to Watch

Watch Temptation Island on the USA app and Peacock.

For those that aren’t aware, the dating show Temptation Island takes couples who are at a crossroad in their relationship. The couples are separated into two villas, which are filled with singles hoping to grab their own chance at love with one of them. Ultimately the couple has to decide if their relationship is worth saving or if venturing out solo or with a new partner is for the best.

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Needless to say, explosive drama and tears can ensue. But questions still linger as fans contemplate taking their own relationships or to look for love on television. Here are the answers to some of those burning questions.  

Is Temptation Island Scripted?

It’s often asked if reality shows are scripted, including Temptation Island. In an interview with Distractify, Season 4 contestant Madelyn Rusinyak shared just how real things can get on the show.

“For me, [Temptation Island] was 100 percent real," Madelyn explained. "Every time I had an emotion, and it shows on-screen, I was genuinely feeling that emotion." 

In another interview with the Chicago Tribune, contestant Karl Collins echoed the sentiment that the show is not scripted. “Friends, they ask, 'Is it scripted?' I just tell them no, it’s not. It’s as real as it gets. I think it’s important for viewers to know that. No one told us to do this or told us to say that," he said.

It looks like the show is as real as it gets and there are no scripts for the contestants to follow. After all, who could have scripted some of the threesomes and squares that have appeared on the show along with the epic meltdowns? 

How Long Are Contestants on Temptation Island?

If you have looked at your partner and thought you want to test the waters of your relationship on national television, be prepared to spend a while in the villas.

Each season airs weekly over the course of a couple of months, but how long are the contestants on the show? The couples are actually on the island and away from each other for about a month. For those four weeks, they spend every day with the others in the villa, including three other halves of couples, plus a dozen singles. As the single men and women who don’t form meaningful bonds are sent packing, the numbers start to dwindle. The men and women that are coupled up often get their own rooms in the villas, while the singles are forced to bunk together, unless they manage to get an invite to someone’s bedroom or bed. That’s when reality hits the fan and everyone is glued to the television waiting to see what happens next. 

While you wait for the new season of Temptation Island, catch up on all of the previous seasons on Peacock!

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