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Tamie or Nafeesah? The Biggest Temptation Island Feuds

Temptation Island is known for bringing the heat, but here's a look at some of the explosive drama.

By Shameika Rhymes
Split image of Temptation Island's Nafeesah and Tami

The 4th of July isn’t the only time fireworks are popping off. Temptation Island has its fair share of explosives when it comes to couples and tempting singles mixing and mingling. Temptation Island Season 5 is already on fire with the tension heating up between Tamie and Nafeesa in the Guys' Villa thanks to a budding love triangle (or, er square) with Great.

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Throw in the mix some feuding and you have drama ignited. But Tamie and Nafeesa aren't the first to (nearly) throw down in the villas. Here’s a look at some of the biggest Temptation Island feuds from seasons past.

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Kalaan Brown and Ashley Goldson

Temptation Island Cast Interview: Kalaan Brown

Ashley and Rick were one of the most puzzling couples on the second season of Temptation Island. After separating into their villas, their relationship fell apart almost immediately when he offhandedly said “I’m not handcuffing her” at the very first date selection. She took that so hard that she had sex with Kalaan Brown on the first night. That isn’t what caused the biggest fight. The love square between Deac, Ashley H, Casey, and Ben became a topic of discussion in the villa after Deac tried to make a move by leaving flowers on Ashley H’s bed.

The discussion among the villa led to a fight between KB and Ashley G. After trading insults, KB tried to walk away while slinging curse words, but Ashley G wasn’t going to let him have the last word, so she followed him screaming. They took many cheap shots at each other with him saying it was a struggle to hook up on their dates, and her yelling that he was in her bed every night. She digs the knife further by saying her boyfriend Rick is more of a man than KB. KB responds with a comment about her wig. All of this from unrequited love that had nothing to do with either of them. 

Rick Fleur and Medinah Monroe

Temptation Island | Medinah Seduces Rick | Season 2 Episode 4 | on USA Network

There seems to be a theme here, but Rick has a heated fight with Medinah. “You don’t give me the attention that I want and that I need,” she told Rick after he let her leave the villa one night. He didn’t like being called out, especially when he went to check on Casey, so he flipped out on Medinah. He screamed and called her selfish because she only cared about herself and not Casey. He went on to yell about how Casey is having to deal with the same thing he has, seeing his girl getting it on with someone else.

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This fight sounded like Rick had a lot of feelings about Ashley G. to get off his chest and he took it out on poor Medinah. 

The Villa vs. the Chicken and Maya

Being hangry can bring out the worst in anyone, but especially the party-goers on Temptation Island Season 3.

Maya Morsi and some of the other ladies were taking too long to cook some chicken thighs for the rest of the house. So, some decided to snatch five pieces out of the oven and throw them on the grill to have something to eat sooner. When the real food was finally ready, Maya announced that those who had the grilled chicken needed to wait for everyone else to be served first. Amanda mocked her by saying, “Apparently, we’ve got a mom in the house,” while she and Maddy went outside to talk about Maya.

Maya was ready for the chicken fight and had to be held back because she was done with their drama. 

Katheryn Golden and Morgan Lolar

Temptation Island | Katheryn's Journey | Season 1 | USA Network

Things can start out friendly among the singles in the villa, but once a common interest is involved, the claws come out. In season one, Katheryn and Morgan hit it off since they had a lot of things in common, including their attraction to Evan. After a little flirting in the kitchen, Katheryn and Evan went to the confessional for some privacy in front of the camera and the convo was flowing until Morgan stormed in on them. She announced that Brittany didn’t want to go on the date with Evan anymore and Katheryn got in her feelings so she asked Morgan to join their conversation.

That didn’t go well and resulted in a screaming match between the two. 

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