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The Most Intense Love-at-First-Sight Connections on Temptation Island

Hall Toledano and Makayla Halstead aren't the first pair on Temptation Island to fall hard and fast.

By Shameika Rhymes
Temptation Island's Hall chatting with Makayla

Temptation Island always delivers the heat alongside some serious chemistry and tension in the air between the couples and singles. But who can blame them?

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Imagine going to a tropical villa with your significant other and discovering all of the temptations surrounding you? What would you do? Some fall in love immediately with a new person while others try to build or maintain the connections they arrived with. So far in Temptation Island Season 5, there has been an immediate connection between two people: contestant Hall Toledano and single Makayla Halstead. However, they're not the only pairing to give in to that "love-at-first-sight" mindset. 

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Here’s a look at some of the most intense love-at-first-sight connections on Temptation Island.

Hall Toledano & Makayla Halstead

Hall is engaged and seemed ready to settle down with fiancée Kaitlin Tufts — until all of the single women started tempting him. But one caught his eye fairly quickly.

When the single ladies began mingling with the coupled-up men, Makayla and Hall hit it off. They both said they felt an instant connection to each other, with Makayla explaining that Hall seemed familiar and “reminds me of my family, so it feels very homely.”

Hall picked Makayla to go on a date during the date selection and he expressed to her how much he wanted to settle down and have kids. But does he want kids with her or Kaitlin? Time will tell.

Ashley Goldson & Kalaan Brown

Ashley G Frustrated with KB

Ashley came to the island with her boyfriend Rick Fleur. She felt confident he would cheat on her and, well, once they went into their separate villas, he adhered to an “out of sight out of mind” mentality during the first date selection, stating he would not be “handcuffing” Ashley if she wanted to explore an attraction to someone else.

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She took that to heart and felt like her relationship was over, so she explored something with the one person who caught her immediate attention the first night in the villa, Kalaan. They had a romp in the sack and Kalaan took the opportunity to mock Rick during his confessional. Needless to say, this was a quick hook-up and nothing ever came of it.

Kendal Kirkland & Alexcys Homan

Kendal Kisses Alexcys And Tells Her She Can Stay If She Wants

Season 3 brought on one of the steamiest love connections ever. Kendal Kirkland came to the island with his girlfriend, Erica Washington, with some relationship and respect issues. Alexcys Homan caught Kendal’s eye immediately and it was love at first sight.

The duo paired off quickly and remained by each other’s side until the night they invited Nickole Ciszak to join them, and a throuple was born.

Evan Smith & Morgan Lolar

Where Are They Now: Kaci Spills The Tea On Morgan and Evan

Evan came to the island with his high school sweetheart, Kaci Campbell, but he quickly forgot about her the moment he laid eyes on Morgan.

This love-at-first-sight connection ended up as a love story and the pair even ended up engaged. However, in the end, it was all for nothing: Their love story ended up in a broken engagement and bitter feelings.

Chelsea Brea & Blake Eyres

Chelsea and Dr. Blake Share Passionate Kiss

Season 3 was nothing short of love at first sight connections. Chelsea went on a date with single suitor Blake Eyres and the sparks were so powerful they brought that energy back to the villa. There was some physical contact, hand holding, leg touching, and cuddling as they talked about their attraction to each other. While it didn’t work out in the end, they were one of the first to acknowledge the emotional and physical attraction to each other in the villa.

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Season 5 is underway, so we’ll see if there are anymore love-at-first-sight connections to come.

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