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Can Temptation Island Singles Turn Down a Date?

Everyone has to go on dates on Temptation Island. But if you're not feeling someone, do you have to go anyway?

By Tyler McCarthy

Season 5 of Temptation Island saw the newly separated couples choose their first dates with the singles in Episode 2 and, as one would expect, there was drama. However, it begs the question if there’s any way for the Singles to avoid being in the crosshairs of a scorned lover by rejecting a date. 

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One of the juiciest parts of each season of Temptation Island is the first round of date selection. After getting to know the other Singles on the island for a night, the men and women have to pick a person they vibed with the most initially for a date — and they do it all in front of the prying eyes of their significant other. It’s a surefire recipe for hurt feelings, but the excitement doesn’t stop there. All throughout the season the couples will have to choose Singles for exotic and romantic dates in paradise to help steer them to an ultimate decision about their relationship. 

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But, one has to wonder if the Singles can avoid getting any of that mud on their hands if they’re not feeling it with the person who asks them. 

Can the Singles turn down a date on Temptation Island?

Yes, the Singles can and have turned down offers to go on dates on Temptation Island. While it’s rare and hasn’t happened during the initial first date pick, it does happen and it often makes things messy. 

Who has been rejected for dates on Temptation Island?

Six Temptation Island Singles congregated on a couch

Most recently in Season 4, Lascelles Lagares made it clear that he only had eyes for Trace Winningham very quickly into his time on the island, almost immediately turning his back on his girlfriend of seven years, Ashley Rodriguez. After enjoying themselves on dates prior, Trace turned down Lascelles for a third date, arguing that he needed to explore the other women in the house and figure out what he wants. This rejection came at an especially bad time for him since he had just put the only other woman in the house he was vibing with, Alexa Coppola, in the friend zone. 

Trace wasn’t the only woman to turn down a date on Temptation Island. Famously, Season 2’s Gavin Rocker faced some pretty hardcore embarrassment when the girl he had been vibing with all season, Mia Metcalf, ultimately decided not to go on the final overnight date with him and simply left the island instead. It was a bold move, but she could tell he was still into his girlfriend, Esonica Veira. Things worked out for Gavin, though. Although he couldn’t go on a date with his first choice, Peyton Burgess agreed to be his second choice and attended the overnight. 

If you turn down a date on Temptation Island, are you sent home? 

In short, no. There are no immediate consequences for turning down a date. At the end of Season 4, Trace ended up staying until the end and leaving the island with Lascelles (it didn't last). However, eliminations do happen on the island. Eventually, two or more singles end up getting sent home if they haven’t made a deep enough connection with the Couples. So, while there is no rule that says turning down a date leads to your time on Temptation Island ending, it doesn’t bode well for you come elimination time.

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