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Meet Kaitlin and Hall, Temptation Island's First Engaged Couple

Kaitlin and Hall are the first couple to come to Temptation Island engaged. Will they leave that way or decide to call it quits? Here's everything to know. 

By Tyler McCarthy

Temptation Island Season 5 will be a season of firsts for the hit reality dating series. In addition to all the old staples fans know and love, new additions like the Temptation Light along with shakeups to the format will keep viewers on their toes. Among the many firsts this season is the show’s first-ever engaged couple, Kaitlin Tufts and Hall Toledano

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Kaitlin, a 31-year-old fitness studio owner, has been with Hall, 35, for a total of eight years. However, in a video introducing them to the world, she notes they’ve been “on and off.” Still, there’s love between them. 

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“She lets me be me,” he says emphatically. 

Meanwhile, she makes note of the fact that they share the Taurus sign but are on opposite ends of the behavior spectrum, which she believes “balances” them as a unit. Still, it's undeniable that something isn’t right in their long-term relationship. She had the idea for the two of them to go on Temptation Island before getting married for a myriad of reasons, not the least of which is that she’s not sure why she keeps dragging her feet on planning a single thing for their wedding. 

She has a good reason to be nervous, the duo from Charleston South Carolina, broke up three years into their relationship when Hall blindsided her by saying he knew he wanted to see other women but didn’t want to cheat. Rather than talk out how he was feeling, Kaitlin found herself suddenly single as Hall began dating other women. However, he confessed that he never stopped thinking about her, particularly when he was out with other women. They explain in the video that they spent a year and a half not talking before he finally admitted he made a mistake. 

Five years later, she has a ring on her finger and he’s ready to settle down and have kids. The only problem is that she’s now apprehensive about diving into marriage for fear of being blindsided by him once again. 

“Hopefully we’ll be married very soon after this and be together and have a wonderful, loving life,” he says in the video.

“I know you want that, I want that too,” she responds. “I do, I do. I just need to figure out why it’s not a priority.” 

Hopefully, their time apart, a lot of temptation and some healthy relationship advice from host Mark L. Walberg will help them both get some clarity as to why their relationship is at this standstill. But will that mean finally getting hitched or saying goodbye to each other once again? 

Tune into Temptation Island Season 5 on USA Network starting June 14. Catch up on past seasons only on Peacock

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