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Everything To Know About 'Temptation Island' Host Mark L. Walberg's Wife Robbi Morgan

"Temptation Island" host Mark L. Walberg knows what it takes to have a successful relationship off camera. 

By Shameika Rhymes

"Temptation Island" host Mark L. Walberg has a front seat to all the drama that lurks around every corner on the show. He watches relationships implode, their ups and downs, the breakups and the make-ups that go down all while offering his sage advice to the troubled, lovelorn cast each season. Where does all this wisdom and patience come from? Likely from his personal life, which is on much more solid ground thanks to his 35-year marriage to his wife, Robbi Morgan. 

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Bonfires wouldn't be the same if they weren't coming from someone who has managed to find long-term happiness with a partner. Still, fans of the reality series may be curious about the woman who won Walberg's heart so many years ago and continues to influence his philosophy on romance.

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Here’s what we know about the actress that makes up one-half of his marital paradise. 

Who Is Robbi Morgan?

61-year-old Robbi Morgan is an actress. She made her debut as a child in the film “Me, Natalie,” in 1969. Her biggest and most memorable character, though, was the bright-eyed and idealistic camp counselor Annie in the original cult classic horror “Friday the 13th.” She's the one who hitchhiked with the wrong person to get to Camp Crystal Lake for what she thought would be a summer of molding young minds. She went on to have a few more film and television roles over the years but soon found artistic projects outside of acting. According to the Friday the 13th website, Robbi has fully retired from acting. 

These days, it looks like Robbi has a new passion, according to her Instagram page. She can be found teaching tap dancing classes. Mark even built her some steps to practice her skills for her tap shows. 

How Long Have Mark and Robbi Been Married?

Mark and Robbi have been married since 1987. While that may only total close to 36 years, in a 2019 interview with InStyle he said it's more like being married 150 years in Hollywood time. The secret to making their relationship last, according to him, is they handle conflict before it festers.

While we are both show biz performers and love the limelight, we’re private. We deal. When my wife and I have upset, she forces us to talk it out right there. It’s not gonna go on long in my house,” he explained. 

Do They Have Kids?

The couple has two kids. Their son, Morgan, is in the military and just got married in August. They also have a daughter, Goldie, who is a former professional dancer and, similar to her mother, is now a ballet teacher.

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