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Is 'Temptation Island' Host Mark L. Walberg A Real Therapist? Well...

Mark L. Walberg is beloved by "Temptation Island" contestants and fans alike thanks to his sage advice.

By Becca van Sambeck

It's a comment that regularly crops up on "Temptation Island" merchandise: "Mark L. Walberg Is My Therapist." The sentiment is also echoed in various "Temptation Island" fan groups, as viewers joke therapy with Mark would be a much-needed relief.

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We can see why. While acting as host of "Temptation Island," Mark L. Walberg consistently doles out sage pieces of advice for contestants. At every bonfire, he's there to ask each person exactly how the clips make them feel, and help them determine what those emotions mean about the state of their relationship. His words of wisdom and thoughtful questions about people's feelings certainly make him feel like a therapist of sorts.

But is he actually a therapist?

Well, no. Mark has always been clear he's never studied psychology and is not a licensed therapist. Instead, he leans on his past experiences — especially his longstanding marriage — to help him tell contestants what they need to hear.

"The only way I know how to host anything is to bring my authentic self. When I’m sitting across this bonfire with these young people grappling with all these questions and problems, I can’t help but coach them through things based on what I know from my own life. I tell them the advice I give is exactly what they paid for it. I’m a game show host. I’m not a therapist. But I am a husband, a father, a son and all these things. The only thing I can bring to this is I’ve failed more than they’ve tried, so maybe I can help," he told TV Insider.

He repeated a similar sentiment in an interview with USA Insider: He might not be a therapist, but he attempts to give as much support and advice as he can.

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"I don't keep in touch with everyone, but I follow mostly everybody on social media, and that's a great way for me to know how they're doing. If I see something that I'm concerned about, I'll reach out and say, 'Hey, if you want to talk?'" he said. "I just had a conversation with Kaci Campbell the other day about some deep stuff ... but I think that all of them know that I'm available to them if they ever want to talk about stuff. Just as a friend, I don't have any letters at the end of my name, and I always make a point to say, if you're going through some really heavy stuff, make sure you get some professional help. But I'm really grateful that I have a relationship with some."

Mark has certainly made an impression on the past four seasons of "Temptation Island," so we're especially excited he recently announced Season 5 is filming. What words of wisdom will he dole out this time? We can't wait to find out.

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