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Reunion Reveals: The Couples Who Ended Up Getting Back Together On Dating Show Reunions

Reality show couples often reveal their relationship status on reunion shows. Here are the most shocking ones from "Love Island" and "Temptation Island."

By Shameika Rhymes

Going on a reality show centered around your love life is already a risky move. Couples and singles who head to shows like “Love Island USA” or “Temptation Island” often find themselves breaking and making up with various people. Sometimes, the relationship status changes don't even when the season does — instead the tea comes out at the reunion.

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Here’s a look at couples who got back together at the reunions on “Love Island USA” and “Temptation Island.”

Andy and Mady

Reunion Reunions Andy Mady

Mady and Andy returned to the villa for “Love Island’s” first-ever reunion special to reveal they were together. (They were sitting together at the event, but their interview was cut was from the show.)

The last time the pair were together in the villa, Mady had chosen to leave the show midway so that she could potentially explore things off-camera with Andy, just days after he was dumped from the island. They later made a joint announcement on a now-deleted Instagram post that said they were working on growing their relationship together. 

Serenti and Tyler

Reunion Reunions Sereniti Tyler

Tyler was only in the “Love Island” villa for a very short time, but he and Serenti were paired together for some of it. However, she ended up being re-coupled with Chazz, which seemed to put an end to things between the two. However, at the Season 4 reunion, Tyler and Serenti shared they were actually now casually dating. They were right for each other all along!

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David and Kate

Reunion Reunions David Kate

Temptation Island” couple David and Kate reconnecting was something no one saw coming. On the island in Season 2, Kate connected with Dominique Price, but it never went beyond kissing. David, well that’s another story. He cheated on Kate with Samantha Hoffman and Payton Burgess, in one of the steamiest shower scenes on the show. He didn’t even commit to a relationship with either of them because in a plot twist, he left the island with Toneata Morgan instead.

At the reunion, David and Kate announced they had gotten back together and were trying to make things work despite the infidelity. 

Kristin and Julian

Reunion Reunions Julian Kristin

Kristin and Julian got engaged at the final bonfire in Season 3 of “Temptation Island,” realizing they had only become stronger thanks to their time at the island. They then had even more exciting news when the reunion rolled around: They revealed they had set a wedding date of July 24, 2022.

The wedding itself looked absolutely gorgeous, and some "Temptation Island" alumni even made it to the event!

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