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Temptation Island Season 5 Is Introducing the "Temptation Light" – What Does That Mean?

On Temptation Island the Temptation Light is a red light that may be a green light for couples to cheat. 

By Tyler McCarthy
Your First Look at Temptation Island Season 5!

The hype surrounding Temptation Island Season 5 couldn’t be higher thanks to some fiery twists and turns to the usual format that were promised in the first trailer. However, perhaps the most intriguing addition to the show this time around is the stressful new piece of decor in the villas: the Temptation Light. 

How to Watch

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Host Mark L. Walberg broke down how the new feature on the reality dating series works and it turned quite a lot of excited fans' heads who want to see how much messier it makes the show as well as what it means for the bonfires. So, here’s everything we know so far about the new Temptation Light.

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What Is the Temptation Light?

In the trailer, Walberg reveals to the couples and singles that each villa will be outfitted with an orb that will bathe the entire villa in red light to let them know that someone that one of their significant others in the other villa has “given in to temptation.” However, they don’t know which of their significant others it is. So they can either spiral out of control assuming it’s their person, or write it off as someone else’s relationship troubles. 

Furthermore, giving in to temptation can mean many things on Temptation Island. It will obviously come on if two people have sex. However, what if they kiss? What if they take a shower together? What if they’re sleeping in the same bed? Fans will just have to tune in to see how the Temptation Light judges the couples and singles.

Ti Season 5 Key Art

Is the Temptation Light New? 

Temptation Island has never before had the Temptation Light in any of its past seasons. However, if you happen to be a fan of some of the foreign formats of the show, you may have seen it pop up here and there, particularly in Spain. Still, no two versions of Temptation Island are exactly the same, so fans should be eager to see how the American villas react to its warm, anxiety-inducing glow. 

Will There Still Be Bonfires in Temptation Island Season 5? 

The whole point of the show is to let people’s significant others know when they’ve succumbed to the allure of someone new. While the new temptation light lets them know something bad is happening in real-time, it doesn’t let them know who did what or with who. For that, they’ll have to wait until the weekly bonfires, which will still be a part of the show. 

While some may see the red light turn on and take it as a green light to do something unfaithful in their own villa, they’ll eventually be able to see what the cameras captured of their boyfriend or girlfriend and have to deal with the reality of what’s going on. 

In short, there’s simply no substitute for the traditional bonfire and the temptation light will not replace it — just supplement it. 

Tune in to Temptation Island when Season 5 premieres on June 14 on USA Network. Catch up on past seasons on Peacock now.