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How to Follow the Love Island USA Season 6 Casa Amor Bombshells on Social

Prepare for a villa shake-up as these bombshells are set to turn up the heat and stir things up like never before with Casa Amor on Love Island USA Season 6.

By Clara Faulkner

Love Island USA Season 6 is pulling out all the stops with a new host, a new after show, and now, brace yourself for the arrival of fresh bombshells at Casa Amor. 

This season promises to deliver even more drama, intrigue, and romance as these newcomers shake up the Islanders' relationships and challenge their connections like never before. As always, the villa is never going to be the same after everything shakes out with Casa Amor. So, we're here to make sure you've got all the info on the new islanders before things get too messy. 

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Meet the bombshells arriving at Casa Amor in Love Island USA Season 6. 

Caine Bacon

Love Island Season 6 Bombshell Caine in front of a colorful striped background

Social: @caine_fit
Age: 28
Hometown: Norwich, UK
Currently Lives: Norwich, UK
Occupation: Security Guard/Personal Trainer

Meet Caine, a security guard and personal trainer hailing from Norwich, United Kingdom. Known for his ability to walk on his hands, anywhere, anytime, he overcame a two-year period without the use of both of his legs after a life-changing encounter with a monkey at the age of 16. His adventurous spirit has taken him as far as Egypt, and he is determined to find love in the villa.

George Vining

Love Island Season 6 Bombshell George in front of a colorful striped background

Social: @georgebvining
Age: 23
Hometown: Macon, GA
Currently Lives: Athens, GA
Occupation: Lab Research Assistant

Introducing George, a research assistant from Macon, Georgia, now making waves in Athens. Once a pre-med student and University of Georgia football player, George is more than just an academic, he's a hopeless romantic whose heart flutters for Margot Robbie and Sofia Vergara. Overcoming a childhood fear of dogs after a harrowing encounter, George now embraces his love for canines, thanks to a transformative volunteering experience at a dog shelter in high school. With a heart as big as his dreams, George is ready to bring charm, passion, and a whole lot of heart to the island. 

Jalen Oliver

Love Island Season 6 Bombshell Jalen in front of a colorful striped background

Social: @jalen.oliver
Age: 24
Hometown: Hagerstown, IN
Currently LIves: Indianapolis, IN
Occupation: College Student

Meet Jalen, the college student from Hagerstown Indiana, now turning heads in Indianapolis. A former musician known for his rapping and singing skills, Jalen's voice has been likened to the iconic Bruno Mars. Despite overcoming brain surgery as a child, he's come out stronger than ever, now living life to the fullest. Outside of his academic purists, Jalen transforms into his alter ego, Tyler McKennan, when hitting the town. 

Ignacio Ferrari

Love Island Season 6 Bombshell Ignacio in front of a colorful striped background

Social: @ignacioferrari_
Age: 28
Hometown: Mar del Plata, Argentina
Currently Lives: Medellín, Colombia
Occupation: International Model

Presenting Ignacio, the international model from Mar del Plata, Argentina, now captivating hearts in Medellín, Colombia. Known for his adventurous spirit, Ignacio once organized a spontaneous move to Thailand in just one day on New Year's Eve. His celebrity crushes include Kendall Jenner and Ariana Grande, and he believes in love at first sight, especially with singers. Fluent in Portuguese, Ignacio has charmed two Brazilian ex-girlfriends with his captivating personality. Not only can he effortlessly perform 200 unbroken squats, but he also surprises with his talent for belly dancing. 

Jacobi Graham

Love Island Season 6 Bombshell Jacobi in front of a colorful striped background

Social: cobigrams
Age: 23
Hometown: Gonzales, LA
Currently Lives: Houston, TX
Occupation: Personal Trainer

Meet Jacobi, a personal trainer from the heart of Gonzales, Louisiana, now living in Houston, Texas. His celebrity crush is Tyla, and he plans to bring Texas-sized charm to the villa. Armed with break dancing skills and a unique story involving a rock stuck in his ear that required surgical removal, he’s ready to make waves in the villa.

Josiah Roebuck

Love Island Season 6 Bombshell Josiah in front of a colorful striped background

Social: @josiahroebuck
Age: 25
Hometown: St. Thomas, USVI
Currently Lives: Charlotte, NC
Occupation: Software Engineer

Born on the sun-kissed shores of St. Thomas, Josiah now resides in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he excels as a software engineer. His heart beats for celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Meghan Markle, Kristin Davis, and Tyla. Josiah's life has been full of exciting moments, like the time he split his pants while dancing at a wedding. His passion for romance novels reflects his deep desire to understand women better. He's bringing his intellect, wit, and undeniable charm to the villa. 

Daia McGhee

Love Island Season 6 Bombshell Daia in front of a colorful striped background

Social: @daialarie
Age: 27
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Currently Lives: Los Angeles, CA / Sydney, Australia
Occupation: Photographer

Meet Daia, a photographer that is ready to capture love. She’s from the heart of Los Angeles, California and splits her time between the sunny West Coast and Sydney, Australia. With a keen eye as a photographer, Daia has captured moments across Bali, Australia, London, and more. During her travels, she even found herself in France, where she worked in social media marketing for local stores. Beyond her creative talents, Daia is a skilled cook, mastering the art of authentic Mexican cuisine, and speaks Spanish.  

Daniela Ortiz Rivera

Love Island Season 6 Bombshell Daniela in front of a colorful striped background

Social: @daniela.orti
Age: 22
Hometown: San Juan, PR
Currently Lives: Longwood, FL
Occupation: College Student / Server

Meet Daniela, an athlete born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, now thriving in Longwood, Florida as both a college student and server. With a passion for sports ranging from ballet and cheerleading to soccer and basketball, Daniela’s competitive spirit knows no bounds. Beyond athletics, she’s a self-taught whiz in sales and mastering new challenges. From a young age, Daniela has embraced the thrill of surfing and paddle boarding. A lover of creativity and hands-on activities, one of her favorite hobbies is building Legos.

Destiny Herzog

Love Island Season 6 Bombshell Destiny in front of a colorful striped background

Social: @daniela.orti
Age: 22
Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ
Currently Lives: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: Model

This jet-setting model is originally from Scottsdale, Arizona, but now calls Los Angeles, California home. With an insatiable wanderlust, Destiny is always on the move, fueled by her love for travel and music festivals. Born in Paris, France, she holds passports from Israel, France, and the United States. Destiny recently made her Swim Week runway debut in Miami. Despite her adventurous lifestyle, Destiny’s notorious habit of being fashionably late has led to missing more flights than she’d care to admit.

Sierra Mills

Love Island Season 6 Bombshell Sierra in front of a colorful striped background

Social: @sadesisi
Age: 22
Hometown: Escondido, CA
Currently Lives: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: Administrative Assistant / Bottle Waitress

This Californian is originally from Escondido but is now living in Los Angeles as an administrative assistant and bottle waitress. When she’s not working, she enjoys the company of her French bulldog, Pierre, and indulges in movie nights watching her favorite film, Twilight.  Sierra has navigated relationships with not one but two different set of twins. Her adventurous personality extends to her love for travel, with dreams of exploring Brazil one day.

Sydney Leighton

Love Island Season 6 Bombshell Sydney L in front of a colorful striped background

Social: @sydleighton
Age: 24
Hometown: Rumson, NJ
Currently Lives: New York, NY
Occupation: Unemployed

Meet Sydney, a native of Rumson, New Jersey, now navigating life in the bustling city of New York. Currently embracing a period of exploration in her career journey, Sydney’s heart flutters for actor Glen Powell. Known amongst her friends as a human Shazam for her uncanny ability to identify songs in an instant, she has a strong hate for country music. She’s a spontaneous traveler, once jetting off to London on a whim to meet a boy.

Catherine Marshall

Love Island Season 6 Bombshell Catherine in front of a colorful striped background

Social: @cahterine.marshall
Age: 24
Hometown: Hillsboro, OR
Currently Lives: Fountain Hills, AZ
Occupation: Personal Assistant

In Fountain Hills, Arizona, Catherine stands out with her blend of Puerto Rican and Dominican roots from Hillsboro, Oregon. As a personal assistant, she navigates life with passion and precision, all while dreaming of a romance fit for royalty. She’s got high standards and is known for her honesty and knack for making her partner feel special. With a bilingual background, Catherine effortlessly switches between English and Spanish when she’s angry.  

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