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What You Missed On Love Island USA's Aftersun

Clear the way Love Island USA fans, Casa Amor is in town and ready to shake things up.  

By Clara Faulkner

With a fresh after show and a new host, coupled with the arrival of the Casa Amor cast, Love Island USA Season 6 is heating up and if you're not watching the brand new chat show After Sun, you're missing out.

As Love Island USA Season 6 continues, the tension in the villa intensifies with the upcoming presence of Casa Amor, and the Islanders are eagerly seizing every moment amidst the growing drama. Aftersun, a beloved tradition in Love Island lore, comes to the USA program for the first time ever in Season 6. 

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Hosted by former Islander Maura Higgins, Aftersun brings viewers exclusive insights, behind-the-scenes gossip, and candid interviews with the Islanders themselves, offering an unfiltered look into the hearts and minds of the contestants as they navigate the highs and lows of love in the villa.

However, if you're behind or simply want a refresher, here are just some of the Aftersun highlights you may have missed so far. 

Andrea looks back at coupling with Rob 

Bombshell Andrea Carmona entered the villa with high hopes of finding her soulmate but departed amidst more turmoil than romance. Caught in a complex love triangle with Rob Rausch and Leah Kateb, Andrea's journey took an unexpected turn. 

Despite her efforts to navigate the tricky dynamics, her time in the villa was cut short by a surprising group vote, leaving her to grapple with both heartbreak and the lingering allure of what could have been.

In a discussion with Higgins, Andrea led the conversation highlighting her hopes to find love. When questioned if her relationship with Rob,

“At the end of the day, things end for a reason. If I could easily come in there and take him from you, then clearly it wasn’t something worth it,” Andrea said.

Robert Rausch hugging a crying Andrea Carmona on Love Island USA 612

After rewatching the episode following her departure from the villa, Andrea witnessed Rob's heartfelt conversation with Leah. In their dialogue, Rob openly expressed lingering emotions and unresolved feelings, hinting that what appeared to be concluded was far from over. 

Andrea's reaction on Aftersun hinted at her realization that, despite leaving the villa, the emotional entanglements continued to echo, stirring up a mix of emotions and reflections on her own journey.

“I definitely was like, ‘OK, you’re being way too smitten right now baby boy, let’s hold it back.’ It hasn’t even been 24 hours,” the bombshell said. 

Meet the Casa Amor boys

The Casa Amor cast made their debut on Aftersun, discussing their budding relationships and their hopes for what the experience will bring during their stay this season.

Higgins greeted the Casa boys on the show, emphasizing the limited time they have to catch the girls' attention. The boys appeared upbeat and ready for the impending challenge, all smiles as they prepared to make their mark.

The boys playfully demonstrated the pickup lines they intend to use on the girls while chatting with Higgins. "How do you think you'll compare to the boys currently in the villa?" she inquired.

"We all are grown men here, compared to little boys in the villa," new bombshell Josiah began confidently. "They won’t know what hit them."

George chimed in with a mischievous grin, echoing Josiah's sentiment.

Six new men have officially entered the villa, armed with looks, charm, and wit, poised to leave their mark.

"I feel like they kept the Lamborghinis in the garage until Casa," Jalen quipped at the camera, ending the boy’s segment with a high note of anticipation.

Cara Amor girls talk strategy and turning heads

Along with six new boys, there are six women who are ready. Higgins welcomed the girls, first asking them “Let’s talk strategy — what’s everyone’s game plan?” she asked. 

"I’m just going in hot, sexy, fierce. I’m coming in to do my thing, get my man,” new bombshell Catherine responded confidently, setting the stage for her bold approach.

Transitioning into a different mindset, Daniela shared, “I’m open to being vulnerable. I don’t care if I hurt my feelings, I am putting my heart out there, that’s really the goal.”

Her openness highlighted a contrasting yet equally determined perspective among the new arrivals.

Echoing a sentiment of authenticity, Daia added, “I’m just going to be nice, be myself. I feel like that gets you a long way,” with Higgins nodding in agreement.

As Higgins asked the girls if they had watched the show, she posed the question, “Who’s most likely to have their head turned?”

The girls exchanged glances as Daia spoke up, saying, “I feel like no one’s head is really straight right now. Everyone’s heads are kind of all over the place at the moment.”

Glancing at the girls again, Daia added, “Except maybe Aaron—his head might be a bit difficult.”

Sydney chimed in from the back, looking at the girls confidently as she concluded, “I think I can definitely turn his head. It’s going to be a challenge, but I love a challenge.”

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