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Where Is The Cast From 'Love Island' Season 1 Today?

Of the four couples that made it to the end on "Love Island" Season 1, how many, if any, are still together? 

By Tyler McCarthy

In 2019, the British reality sensation “Love Island” made its way to the U.S. Now, with four seasons under its belt on Peacock, you may be wondering what became of the first couples that made their way through the show stateside. 

For those unfamiliar, “Love Island” takes a group of sexy singles and puts them up in a gorgeous villa where they’re immediately paired off into couples based on their physical attraction to one another. As they explore their connection, they’re tempted by other singles, newcomers to the island, and more. But if the viewing public thinks a pair has a lasting connection, they can vote to keep them around until the end when a $100,000 cash prize is at stake. 

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So, when it comes to Season 1, how did the viewing public do? Of the top four couples, who made it as close to the end as possible and are they still together? If not, what are they up to? Let’s find out.

Elizabeth Weber and Zac Mirabelli

Love Island S1 Zach Elizabeth

The couple that ultimately went on to win the entire show didn’t last much longer after the cameras stopped rolling. 

The duo paired up on day one of “Love Island” and remained together despite all the temptation, drama, and, let’s face it, red flags all around them. In the end, America voted and they got the cash prize. They left the island together and dated for a few months before ultimately calling it quits later in 2019. 

Zac was the first to take to his Instagram Story to reveal they split on mutual terms and remained friendly. Today, he’s based in New York City and is working on a successful modeling career. Elizabeth soon released her own statement echoing his sentiments, thanking fans and letting the world know they simply grew apart. Today, she too has a modeling career and has worked as a brand ambassador for several companies. She also co-hosts the “After The Island” show about all things “Love Island.” 

Alexandra Stewart and Dylan Curry

Love Island S1 Dylan Alex

Today, Alexandra also hosts the “After The Island” show alongside her cast member and seems to be loving her life and her newfound fame. Dylan, meanwhile, is doing the same, traveling and continuing to keep in athlete-level good shape. 

Unfortunately, they too called it quits shortly after the show ended. In separate statements, they noted they simply grew apart and realized they worked better as friends. Speaking to Bustle in 2019, Alex explained that an injury really put stress on them after the cameras stopped rolling. 

“We were one of the very few [couples] that kind of got thrown into real life, real quick,” she said, referring to her injury. “He was amazing with me when I broke my jaw, [but] that kind of takes a huge toll on people, especially when you have like, a new relationship, it's just not something normal.”

Caro Viehweg and Ray Gantt

Love Island S1 Ray Caro

The fan-favorite couple tried to make a long-distance relationship work after the island. That was OK for awhile — they spent the holidays together  —but things ultimately fizzled out.

In a video on her YouTube channel, Caro revealed she called it quits with Ray. She explained she felt as though he wasn’t as committed to the relationship as she was. 

That turned out to be more than true when they agreed to appear on MTV’s “Ex On The Beach.” While on the show, things got incredibly heated when Ray confirmed Caro’s suspicion that he cheated on her while they were still together. Today, they’re separated and working on their careers and social media followings.

Emily Salch and Weston Richey

Love Island S1 Weston Emily

No one thought this couple would go the distance, and they were right. However, they managed to make things work longer than the others from Season 1 after the show ended. 

On Valentine’s Day of that year, Emily revealed she was spending the romantic holiday alone. In 2020, she explained what happened further in a YouTube video. Ultimately, she said that she wasn’t the kind of girl he wanted and she was changing too much to try to be something she wasn’t. When they both realized they weren’t right for each other, they parted ways amicably. 

Today, she’s thrown herself into modeling and her social media game while he continues to pursue photography and other creative endeavors. 

Watch Season 1 and more of “Love Island” on Peacock right now. 

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