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Love Island USA Meets Big Ten Football in Latest Challenge for the Couples

The Love Island USA boys showed off their best Big Ten Football skills in a challenge that saw an unlikely hero emerge.

By Tyler McCarthy
The Love Island boys flex a the camera

It was a wild weekend on Love Island USA as the house endured a massive elimination followed by some heated competition that saw the boys show off their Big Ten Football skills. 

Friday’s episode concluded with the results of a huge elimination that saw four islanders go home and two of them take their partners with them. When the show’s version of the “Red Wedding” was over and done with, Hannah O, Taylor C, Keenan and Mike were all given the boot from the villa thanks to America’s vote. As a result of Taylor C recently becoming exclusive with Jonah, he decided to leave the villa with her on his own accord. Kay Kay did the same thing with Keenan after recently forgiving him for his transgressions during Casa Amor. Just like that, six people were axed from the villa in one fell swoop. 

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It was a heavy night, so it makes sense that the next day the group needed a lighthearted pick-me-up. That’s where one of America’s favorite games came in handy. In collaboration with NBC Sports and Big Ten, Love Island USA featured a special football-themed challenge called “Mr. Quarterback” where the boys showed off their skills to see who would become the titular Mr. Quarterback by impressing the cheerleader ladies. 

One by one the men stepped up for a series of four rounds that showcased their ability to score… In football that is. First, they had to put on massive foam fingers on each hand and catch passes on a rotating platform. Once that was complete, they stepped up to a collection of training dummies with the other boys’ faces on them. They then had to take them out with a tackle or, in some cases, a punch right to the dome. After that, it was time to get steamy. 

Leonardo Dionicio shows off to the camera

The boys then chose a girl they wanted to get frisky in the end-zone with to hold a giant inflatable football so they could kick it and score a field goal. With the game won, they would then bring that girl to the Gatorade shower and give her the steamiest kiss. 

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The game was a chance to show off some hidden talents, but one boy’s skills on the field rose to the top. It turns out everyone’s favorite good guy in Season 5, Bergie, played football for four years in college and, despite spending his time back home managing a Dairy Queen, it looks like he’s still got what it takes. He even said the challenge made him feel like a “Big Ten athlete.”

The Love Island girls cheer on the sidelines

He ended up winning and earned the title of Mr. Quarterback from the ladies in the villa. He celebrated by grabbing his No. 1 girl, Taylor S, for another steamy kiss on the football field. Thanks to the challenge, the mood in the villa was once again positive. However, a new bombshell came in to shake up the weekend and will surely have a big impact on the show going into the new week. 

Catch new episodes of Love Island USA on Peacock six days a week. Big Ten Football is coming to NBC & Peacock this Fall. It all kicks off on Saturday, September 2nd with West Virginia taking on Penn State under the lights in Big Ten Saturday Night’s first primetime matchup!

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