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Najah Calls Out Keenan Over Lies About Their Relationship On Love Island USA

After Casa Amor, Love Island USA star Najah got sent home, but now she's looking to set the record straight about what really happened with Keenan in bed.

By Tyler McCarthy
Najah Fleary enters the villa

Right now the hottest topic in the Love Island USA Season 5 villa is the fallout between Kay Kay and Keenan after he let someone get a little too handsy with him during Casa Amor. In all the hubbub, what’s already been forgotten is the woman at the tip of this love triangle, Najah, who is finally speaking out. 

For those who need a refresher on the current drama, Keenan coupled up with Kay Kay almost instantly upon getting to the villa but they’ve had a lot of friction over his propensity to let his eye wander to literally any other girl who pays him any attention. When the men and woman separated for Casa Amor and Kay Kay wasn’t there to keep him in check, Keenan immediately jumped into bed with a new bombshell, Najah.

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Despite seemingly getting physical with her (an allegation he denies) he ultimately decided to stay coupled up with Kay Kay, who came into the house looking to be single after seeing a video of his nighttime activities with Najah. While he tries to win her back, Najah is having her “what about me?” moment in an interview with TODAY where she’s calling him out over his alleged lies about what happened between them during Casa Amor. 

“Basically, he asked me what did I know about his relationship with Kay Kay,” Najah told the outlet. “And I basically told him that I knew that they were the longest couple on “Love Island” and that they were pretty close. I told him my concerns. I was like, “I want to make sure that you’re open because if you’re closed then I don’t want to pursue any further.” That’s when he reassured me and told me that he is open.” 

Vickala Gray and Keenan Anunay have a serious discussion while seated on a couch

Najah says Keenan led her to believe he and Kay Kay were open to meeting new people, so she thought nothing of getting in deeper with him. That led to them getting intimate in bed. She outright denied his claims that she tried to touch him in bed and he moved her hand away. 

“Going off of what everyone has seen themselves, they all know that that’s not true. When I came home, and I (saw) that that’s how he framed it, it was really disappointing to me. Because I was, one, getting quite a few messages (of) people accusing me of, trigger warning, SA, sexual assault,” she explained. “It just really hurt my feelings because I told Keenan, ‘Whatever you feel, there is no pressure’ and I want him to stand on whatever he feels.”

She went on to say that she not only gave him every opportunity to stop things between them but ensured he was “one hundred percent” OK with everything that happened before it happened. Because of their physical and emotional connection, Najah went into the recoupling ceremony fully believing she was going to join him in the villa. She says he gave her a look beforehand that made her confident he was going to ditch Kay Kay for her. However, when Carmen came in and revealed there was a video showing what happened, his demeanor changed and she believes he was in face-saving mode. 

As a result, Najah went home empty-handed along with most of the other girls from Casa Amor. With the experience behind her and Keenan being able to rewrite history on the show in real-time, she pulled no punches when asked about her thoughts about him now. 

“He is a very selfish, narcissistic person. He’s really like somebody that I’ve never met before,” she said. “A lot of the times when stuff like this happens in the real world, women don’t know. They don’t know what the guy’s been saying to such and such, the lies they lie. So to see it literally in 4K, him being two-faced, him blindsiding both parties and blindsiding every girl that he meets. Him blindsiding Kay Kay, disrespecting Kay Kay, disrespecting me, lying on me. Making it seem like I’m the villain and he’s this, “Oh my gosh, I have so much restraint.” There’s a certain place down south that he belongs.”

How will Keenan navigate the troubled waters he’s put himself in? Will Kay Kay catch him in any more lies during movie night? Will Najah have her revenge? Those curious will just have to tune into the remainder of Love Island USA Season 5 to find out. 

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