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Explaining The Origins Of Glen & Glenda's Shared Doll Body In 'Chucky'

"Chucky" Season 2 brought back the doll from "Seed of Chucky," but what is its significance to Glen/Glenda?

By Tyler McCarthy

The fifth episode of “Chucky” Season 2 brings back a familiar face from the movie franchise who may help Glen and Glenda understand the nightmares they’ve both been having. While diehard fans of the franchise recognized the latest doll to pivot from the big screen to the small one, some may need a refresher on Glen and Glenda’s birthday gift. 

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The episode ends with Tiffany finally revealing to Glen she’s not actress Jennifer Tilly. In fact, Tilly’s soul is trapped in the doll that used to play home to Tiffany's and she has been masquerading as the actress for several years. She also revealed to Glen they previously inhabited a doll as well, which she gifted to them before they set out to reveal all these truths to Glenda as well. 

For those who were puzzled at the reveal of the purple-shirted doll Tiffany was keeping boxed up in Tilly’s mansion, here’s what you need to know. 

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Following the events of “Bride of Chucky,” Tiffany, in doll form, gave birth to a child who was born a doll rather than just a soul trapped in one like their parents. Glen grows up and is introduced in “Seed of Chucky” as a sweet child who doesn’t share their parents' appetite for murder. They’re also unsure if they identify as a boy or girl, often saying neither feels like it fully encapsulates them. 

Ahead of the film’s release in 2004, creator Don Mancini noted he wanted Glen to challenge Chucky and Tiffany’s views on gender and give people as heinous as they are the challenge to love someone who is more delicate. 

“I wanted Chucky’s child to be a kind of Oliver Twist, a Dickensian waif," Mancini told "New York Magazine" at the time.

As a result, the look of the titular seed of Chucky is not all that scary. However, just like their dad, Glen clearly has the potential to look creepy and murderous at the drop of a hat, which comes in handy when their sibling comes out to play. 

It’s soon revealed that, also within the singular doll body, is the soul of Glenda. Glenda has more of an edge to them and isn’t shy about murdering the people who get in their way. Fortunately, Tiffany uses magic to separate the two souls in the one doll into two living human bodies. That’s where we find Glen and Glenda when they arrive back to the franchise — both played by Lachlan Watson — all grown up in "Chucky" Season 2.

They don’t seem to remember the events of “Seed of Chucky” or the fact they began life sharing a body. However, those memories still exist within them and are manifesting in the form of nightmares as well as violent urges. How will this new revelation about their mom impact that? 

Fans will just have to tune into “Chucky” Season 2 Wednesdays at 9/8c on USA Network and SYFY to find out. You can catch up on past episodes on Peacock right now.

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