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Who Is Lachlan Watson? What To Know About The 'Chucky' Season 2 Glen & Glenda Actor

Lachlan Watson will join the cast of 'Chucky' Season 2 as Glen/Glenda, Charles and Tiffany's twins.

By Tyler McCarthy

With “Chucky” Season 2 right around the corner, fans of the “Child’s Play” franchise are about to see the return of two characters from the movie. Lachlan Watson will be doing double duty as Charles Lee Ray and Tiffany Valentine’s kids, Glen and Glenda. 

How to Watch

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It was previously announced that Watson would join the cast as the twins, who were first introduced in the movie “Seed of Chucky.” Like a lot of franchise creator Don Mancini’s work, Glen/Glenda help move the needle for LGBTQ+ representation in media. They were first introduced as two gender-fluid kids inhabiting one demonic doll's body. However, by the end of the movie, their parents had used their voodoo know-how to separate them into two human twin bodies. 

Watson, who identifies as non-binary, is likely thrilled to help bring these characters to life as teenagers in “Chucky” Season 2 given they’ve dedicated a lot of their time in the public spotlight to advocating for gender nonconforming representation. In fact, their breakout role in Netflix’s “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” offered them a chance to tell their own story of self-discovery by way of their character, Theo, who begins the series as "Susie." 

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Speaking in a roundtable discussion with other non-binary Netflix stars in 2018, Watson noted how excited they were to be given a green light by the company to have input on Theo’s story. 

“I got cast in Sabrina and they put in the end of the email, ‘if you want to share your story, your journey, we’d love to hear it,’” Watson said at the time. “I said ‘Yeah, f*** yeah. Here you go. Here’s all the trauma in my life that’s prepared me for this moment in particular. Here’s all the sh** I can talk about.’ We’re telling a queer story but we’re telling it right because they’re listening to me.”

Watson grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina, and knew at an early age they were struggling with their gender identity. Speaking to MTV News in 2018, they explained they realized at about 13 they were attracted to women. So, Watson spent about a year and a half identifying as a lesbian. They soon realize that didn’t feel right either and, with the help of their parents, took steps to transition into a man. 

However, that didn’t feel right either. 

“I realized in doing that that the problem wasn’t that I wasn’t male; the problem was just that I was female,” they explained at the time.

Since then, Watson has identified as non-binary, meaning their gender identity exists somewhere on the spectrum between male and female. Not only is it a difficult thing to realize about one’s self, but it’s a difficult thing to explain to others who may not have grown up questioning societal norms about gender. 

One way in which Watson learned to express themselves was through makeup. Even before they identified as non-binary, they spent hours using makeup to help them look the way they felt in the moment. 

“I had this crisis where I would be in my bed and start doing my make-up at 3pm, and I would stay up until sunrise,” Watson previously explained to "Vogue." “I did make-up pretty much every night. It made me realize that make-up wasn’t just about me putting on a different version of myself — it was something that was bringing my real self out.”

Eventually, they learned to use makeup as less of a mask and more of an expression. When Watson isn’t acting, they’re teaming with photographer friends to showcase the many sides of the gender spectrum that exist within them and sharing the results on Instagram

Now, they’ll get a chance to do that as Glen and Glenda on “Chucky” Season 2 as the twins deal with reuniting with their dad for the first time after a spectacular falling out in “Seed of Chucky.” Since then, Glen and Glenda have been living with their mom, Tiffany, who is inhabiting the body of real-life actress Jennifer Tilly. 

That’s where “Chucky” Season 2 will find them, but will they be able to deal with seeing their mom’s relationship with their dad laid bare for all to see? Fans will just have to tune into Season 2 on Oct. 5 on USA Network and SYFY to find out. 

Meanwhile, fans can catch Season 1 of “Chucky” on Peacock right now. 

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