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Liv Morgan Sounds Off On Her 'Chucky' Experience — And That Brutal Finale

Liv's appearance in Wednesday’s episode has shaken the WWE Universe to its core!

By Chris Phelan
Liv Morgan in episode 204 of Chucky

Ever since Liv Morgan was announced to appear as a guest star in a future episode of the hit TV show “Chucky,” the entertainment world has been buzzing with speculation. Almost immediately, the WWE Universe clamored for answers to some burning questions: What role would Liv have on the show? What storylines would she be involved in? And most importantly: Would Liv make it out of the episode alive? Unfortunately, the world would have to wait until the episode aired for answers.

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Well, the wait is now over.

If you watched the latest episode of “Chucky" — Season 2, Episode 4, "Death on Denial" — all your questions have been answered. And, let’s be honest, we all pretty much assumed Liv would not make it out of the episode alive.

Between her busy WWE schedule and her newfound acting responsibilities, Liv is not an easy person to track down. But after the latest episode of “Chucky,” USA Insider managed to get some facetime with Liv and ask her all about her appearance on the show, and she didn’t hesitate to tell us that she had no idea that not only she would die, but it would be in such a crazily gory fashion!

“I didn’t even expect to die! I mean, I hoped that I would be able to die but I really didn’t know if we would be able to pull it off — it’s not very PG, so … we did, and it was so much fun, it was such an experience,” she said.

“I loved how it was done, I felt it was very classic ‘Chucky’ which is what I loved about it. I mean, I pissed him off, I made him mad, I had to pay the price," she added with a laugh.

(We have to appreciate the naivety of Liv thinking she accepted a role on a horror series where she possibly wouldn’t die. Don’t ever change, Liv.)

Filming a television show is an arduous process, and “Chucky” is no exception. But Liv revealed that despite her relative lack of Hollywood experience, the production went off seamlessly, and her climactic death scene was filmed way quicker than we would expect with such a newcomer to the acting business.

“We only had two takes! Yeah, the first one, it wasn’t bloody enough,” she said, deadpan. “And so, we shot again, and we got what we needed. But the entire episode shoot was a long day, so that was a different experience compared to a live TV show [like something WWE puts on].”

Only two takes for one of the goriest death scenes to come across our televisions in years — that’s a testament to Liv's acting ability if you ask us.

Then conversation then shifted to her family, and Liv went on to talk about how the whole experience was something she couldn’t wait to share with her parents.

“They think it’s so funny, it’s actually similar to when I first told them about WWE. My mom, of course, who I’ve known my whole life, she knows all of my goals and dreams and ambitions, when I told her about how I got hired with WWE she was over the moon, so excited because she knew I worked so hard for that. And it was the same with ‘Chucky,’” she said. “She was freaking out because she knew how obsessed I was with the movies growing up, how I have all these dolls, she was very excited for me.”

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Savvy WWE fans probably noticed that her costume during her appearance on the show looked suspiciously … ring-worthy, and they’re not wrong.

“I absolutely was obsessed with my outfit. It was classic Liv Morgan with a ‘Chucky’ twist. And yeah, it was specifically designed and inspired and created with hopes that I can potentially wear it in the ring one day, so we’ll see!” she explained

Invariably, whenever a successful TV or movie appearance happens in the world of WWE, a specific question needs to be asked: What’s next? Liv didn’t shy away from that question in the slightest.

“Right now, I’m auditioning, I’m taking my acting classes, and really just seeing what I can do in this space,” Liv told us. “Honestly, I have a lot of goals but I am just so grateful to WWE for letting me branch out and letting me step out into this acting space. I just want to see what I can do, and I’m very excited for the future, and I’m definitely looking to land a few more roles!”

The WWE has many Superstars with experience in the world of Hollywood. Before the conversation came to an end, Liv revealed the active Superstar who she always feels like she can go to for advice with her burgeoning acting career.

Miz is someone who I can talk to and he will absolutely share his wisdom and his knowledge to help me with this whole thing, he’s been in a few films and of course he has his TV show, [Miz & Mrs]. And I feel like if I did want to reach out to, you know, the Rock or Batista, they’d be very open and willing to give me any advice that I needed.”

While we don’t necessarily approve of Liv hanging around the likes of the Miz, we wholeheartedly love the fact that the Rock and Batista are people she knows she can count on as she dips her feet into the world of acting.

With that, the conversation ended. However, after re-watching her episode once more, we were left with but one word for Liv: bravo.

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