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WWE Superstar Liv Morgan To Guest Star In 'Chucky' Season 2: What To Know

"I’ve been a fan of the 'Child’s Play'franchise my entire life," she said.

By Chris Phelan

Liv Morgan may have just lost her SmackDown Women’s title, but that doesn’t mean her future isn’t any less bright — not by a longshot.

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The “top-secret project” Liv has been teasing for weeks has finally been revealed: She’s set for a guest star spot on USA Network and SYFY's “Chucky”! She’s been dropping hints left and right lately that she would like to be more involved in the Hollywood scene, and it looks like she’s gotten herself one step closer to following in the footsteps of WWE legends like John Cena and the Rock.

“Chucky” — now in its second season with new episodes premiering every Wednesday night — comes from the mind of "Child’s Play" franchise creator Don Mancini, and as Liv Morgan knows, there’s just something about Chucky that triggers a healthy dose of horror-filled nostalgia.

When USA Insider spoke with Liv Morgan about her (surprise, no spoilers here) role in the series, she wasted no time telling us all about her "Child’s Play" fandom, and it was refreshing to think how similar her fandom is to many fans around the world. Who hasn’t had their own personal Chucky nightmare when they were kids, right?

“I feel like I turned into a horror buff as I got older, but I’ve been a fan of the 'Child’s Play' franchise my entire life. I’ve seen every movie and Season 1 of 'Chucky' was something that I just loved. My fandom for 'Chucky' runs very, very deep — I have like, three Chucky dolls in my home," she explained.

Between her geeky love of the franchise and her desire to eventually be a major name in Hollywood, she then spoke candidly about how her guest-starring role came about in the first place.

“So I watched Season 1, and I was so excited for it — I loved it so much, loved the writing. Just seeing Chucky in modern-day society doing the same Chucky things he did when I was growing up,” she said. “So I just went to WWE and I was like, ‘Do you think there’s any opportunity for me in any capacity? Because I’d love to be involved in any way, shape, or form.’ And so they reached out, and I was actually put in touch with Don Mancini, the show’s creator — he’s been so gracious to me. We jumped on a Zoom and he was able to write me into the script. It’s been almost a pipe dream come true. It started with an ask that turned into something unbelievable.”

While we can't reveal details of the Superstars guest starring role, we can confirm she'll be appearing in the Oct. 26 episode, “Death on Denial."

Liv did, however, go on to talk about her time on the show, and where the whole experience landed for her on a scale of 1 to 10.

“It was like, 100. I’m not just saying that, it genuinely was. They treated me like family, you know? They made me so comfortable,” she said. “It felt very familiar, being in that setting; it’s like I was at work in WWE. I didn’t realize how much WWE prepares you for something like this — the cameras, the backstages — when I was filming ‘Chucky’ it felt like I was filming backstage for WWE, it felt so similar, which was very comforting.”

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It sounds like Liv is over the moon over her time on the show, and it sure seems like she’s taken another important step into branching into the acting career she’s been working toward in addition to kicking some serious butt in WWE on a regular basis.

“The whole experience was honestly incredible,” she said. “I did things that I never thought I’d be able to do and I met people I never thought I’d be able to meet. And I somehow finessed my way into the ‘Chucky’ franchise. I couldn’t be happier.”

Catch Liv Morgan on “Chucky” on Oct. 26 on USA Network and SYFY. And stay tuned to USA Insider after the episode airs, when we’ll catch up with Liv once again and give you the inside scoop on everything you wanted to know about her appearance.

You can catch up on "Chucky" Season 1 on Peacock.

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