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'Chucky' Season 2 Star Jennifer Tilly Reveals Details About 'Bound' Reunion In Episode 4

Jennifer Tilly joined the cast of "Chucky" Season 2 at New York Comic Con where she revealed details about her co-stars from "Bound" joining the cast.

By Tyler McCarthy

Jennifer Tilly joined the cast of “Chucky” at New York Comic Con where she tested the limits of exactly which spoilers creator Don Mancini would allow her to leak about the show's second season. 

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Perhaps the biggest reveal Tilly offered was some insight into the guest stars coming to Episode 4 of Season 2. Specifically, her co-stars from the 1995 film “Bound.” It was previously revealed that Tilly will reunite with Gina Gershon and Joe Pantoliano in the episode, which Mancini said was a bit of a dream come true for him as a fan of the classic crime thriller.

Speaking at the “Chucky” panel in New York, Tilly explained just how far Mancini’s fascination with the movie really goes. 

“Don Mancini has always been fascinated with ‘Bound,’” Tilly said after taking a bow when the crowd erupted in applause at the mention of the film. “There’s sort of a ‘Bound’ reference in a lot of his films. When I kiss Nica and we drive off into the horizon in a red truck [at the end of ‘Cult Of Chucky,'] that directly emulates a scene in ‘Bound.’”

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Because he loved “Bound” so much, Mancini and Tilly thought it would be fun to get that gang back together for “Chucky” Season 2. According to the actress, Don was the one who asked her if her former co-stars would be game.

“I’m like, ‘I’ll make a phone call,’” she told the crowd. “When I told Gina that Joey was going to do it, then Gina wanted to do it, too. The two of them are so competitive. They squabble like cats and dogs.”

That’s when Tilly made Mancini squirm in his chair, revealing a bit more than perhaps he wanted her to about the episode. 

“So… I don’t think I’m giving anything away, Don. Gina and Joey, they’re both in love with me! Isn’t that fabulous?” she said, stopping short of revealing if she was referring to their "Chucky" characters.

When she asked if she had given away something she wasn’t supposed to, Mancini responded with an emphatic “uh huh!” But, such is the way for the live stage at New York Comic Con, folks. 

Undeterred, Tilly concluded by reminding the audience that her sister, Meg Tilly, and her friend and “Real Housewives” star Sutton Stracke have joined the cast of Season 2 as well. It’s an odd collection given that, within the canon of “Chucky,” Tiffany Valentine is actually inhabiting the body of real-life actress Jennifer Tilly. So, what will happen when her real-life sister and friends join her at the Tilly mansion in Season 2? 

Fans will just have to tune into “Chucky” Wednesdays at 9/8c on USA Network and SYFY to find out.

Meanwhile, fans can catch up on Season 1 on Peacock right now.

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