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'I Will Be In The MCU, I Can Feel It': Liv Morgan Wants To Follow The Rock's Hollywood Footsteps

Liv Morgan also teased another secret project in the works!

By Chris Phelan
Image of Liv Morgan in the ring

With Extreme Rules in the rear-view mirror, Liv Morgan faces a crossroads that every Superstar encounters each time they lose their coveted championship: What's next? When the dust settled on Saturday, Ronda Rousey walked out of Philadelphia as the new SmackDown Women’s champion, leaving Liv to pick up the pieces of a title reign that ultimately couldn’t go the distance.

It’s safe to say that, well, Liv didn’t exactly take the loss well. WWE’s digital team found her absolutely distraught in the bowels of the arena on Saturday after Extreme Rules went off the air:

While we’re sure Liv has plans to stay firmly entrenched in the top of the women’s division — and possibly challenge Ronda for the title in stark contrast to the previous three months — Liv recently revealed other career aspirations during an appearance on the “Out of Character” podcast.

It seems like Liv has been bit by the Hollywood bug.

“I will be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, that is a goal of mine,” she said during the podcast. “I can just feel it. I don’t know how I’m going to finagle or finesse my way in there, but I know that there is a role for me.”

We have to say, we love the positivity from Liv, especially just a few days removed from a heartbreaking title loss at Extreme Rules. And hey, manifesting your dreams has proven to be a successful strategy in WWE recently; just ask Mandy Rose.

Liv Morgan in the MCU — there’s a sentence we never thought we’d come across. But you know what? We can absolutely see it happen. Why couldn’t one of the brightest young Superstars in all of WWE be a part of the biggest cinematic universe in all of Hollywood? At age 28, Liv is in the prime of her career, a career that shows no signs of slowing down, women’s championship be damned.

Historically, there is a strong correlation between success in WWE and success in Hollywood, as megastars such as John Cena and the Rock can attest to. Films headlined by Cena and the Rock more times than not become bonafide box office blockbusters and have led to astounding success outside the ring for those two Superstars. Can Liv Morgan go down that same path? Is there a way for her to carve out a place for herself in Hollywood, following in the footsteps of the biggest Superstars in professional wrestling history? The path has already been blazed and the blueprint has already been laid out. Now, it’s up to Liv to make it happen.

As it turns out, Liv has already made some all-important first steps into accomplishing that goal.

On the podcast, she revealed that she recently finished shooting scenes for her big-screen debut, “The Kill Room,” starring Samuel L. Jackson and Uma Thurman. Liv will be playing an “art purist who bemoans the vapidness of art dealers,” according to Deadline. The film’s synopsis is intriguing as well. “The Kill Room” is about hitmen, art dealers, and a money-laundering scheme that, naturally, goes sideways.

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Between her Hollywood debut in “The Kill Room” and a top-secret project she teased while on the podcast, Liv Morgan’s future seems just as bright as it was during the months she held the SmackDown women’s title. WWE Superstars such as Cena, the Rock, Batista, and the Miz have successfully parlayed their in-ring success to Hollywood stardom in recent years, and Liv is making the most of her opportunity and talent.

(That being said, we really hope her Hollywood dreams don't interrupt her current critical situation in WWE. We’re crossing our fingers that she fights to regain her title; the SmackDown Women’s Championship around her waist just felt … right.)

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to do some detective work to get the skinny on Liv's new project. In the meantime, you can check out all of Liv Morgan's in-ring work and catch up with the larger WWE Universe on Peacock.