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Liv Morgan Reveals Which WWE Superstar She Had A Massive Crush On: 'I Thought He Was Amazing'

The newly minted SmackDown Women’s Champion thought this Superstar was "the s***."

By Chris Phelan
Liv Morgan smiling

It’s been a pretty great month for Liv Morgan.

After winning the SmackDown Women’s Championship for the first time at July’s Money in the Bank, she followed that up with an impressive pinfall victory over Rounda Rousey at last weekend’s SummerSlam, cementing her spot as one of the top female Superstars in all of WWE.

Talk about a woman who is on an upward trajectory — the sky's the limit for the ex-Riott Squad member who has made a name for herself via an impressive solo career that’s absolutely exploded over the past year or so.

The WWE Universe is clearly behind this young Superstar, and collectively we’re absolutely giddy about the latest little tidbit that flew through the rumor mill over the past week:

She once had a massive crush on none other than John Cena!

It’s true. In a recent interview with Complex, Liv Morgan spilled the beans in classic "Ya Only Liv Once" fashion:

“I loved John Cena, I thought he was the s***,” Morgan admitted. “I had such a crush on him. He would pump his little sneakers, and I’d pump my sneakers, and I didn’t even have pumps. I would just [pretend] to push my little pumps [while watching him on TV]. I thought he was amazing.”

It’s interesting to note that Morgan also went on to wonder out loud if Cena also may have inspired her own ring gear: “He has been, whether I know it or not, a subconscious influence on my career. You know because he wore sneakers for the majority of his career, so I think maybe it’s something that kind of embedded in my mind, and maybe a reason why I like to wear sneakers.”

Accidentally getting insight about the ins and outs of a WWE Superstar is always a treat, and Morgan’s comments about her footwear is pretty eye-opening.

Sneakers aren’t usually the footwear of choice for many Superstar since they don’t offer as much ankle support as traditional boots, so it’s pretty enlightening to finally know the reason why she has been wearing sneakers for the entirety of her career. John Cena certainly has made a mark on the women’s champion in more ways than one!

We wonder if she told John Cena himself about her crush in person when he made his return to Monday Night Raw back in June — when the entire WWE celebrated his 20th year in the company.

At time of publishing, John Cena has not publicly responded to Liv Morgan, but since he’s known for being famously tight-lipped about such topics, the WWE Universe shouldn’t get their hopes up.

We applaud Liv Morgan for admitting such a sweet sentiment toward one of the biggest stars in WWE — and Hollywood. It takes courage to admit something so clearly personal, but courage is something that Morgan has had in spades in the past few months. It’s that same courage and confidence that has gotten the support of the entire WWE Universe during her SmackDown Women’s Championship title reign.

Unfortunately, this latest tidbit of gossip leaves us wanting one thing that may not be possible:

A Liv Morgan/John Cena tag team.

The WWE Universe can dream, can’t we?