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'Chucky' Creator Don Mancini Says He'll Make Movies, Spinoffs If Fans Truly Want Them

Don Mancini told the crowd at New York Comic Con that he's got plenty of plans for the 'Chucky' franchise's future.

By Tyler McCarthy

Chucky” creator and showrunner Don Mancini shared his plans for the future of the franchise with the crowd at New York Comic Con, making sure to note that all of his ideas are in the hands of the fans at this point.

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One of the first questions asked of him during his panel with the cast was whether the TV show means he is done making movies within the ever-growing canon of the “Child’s Play” franchise? As he previously stated in a different interview, Mancini made it clear that he would love to continue making movies and even went as far as to tease a spinoff. 

“I want to do both. That’s my biggest dream is to be able to have it be like Marvel,” he said to thunderous applause from the crowd. “To have the television series going on and the movies happening, maybe other TV spinoffs happening. I mean who wouldn’t want that? But, that’s all up to you guys. Please watch the show so [Chucky] can take over our lives even more!” 

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While nothing is set in stone and no third season of “Chucky” has yet been greenlit, the creator revealed that he has no shortage of ideas for places to take the characters in any medium.

“I have 35 years' worth of ideas. I spend a very unhealthy amount of my life thinking about Chucky,” he said. “I have an inexhaustible supply of ideas for the Chucky universe if you guys ask for it.” 

That wasn’t the only way in which Mancini put the future of the franchise in viewers’ hands. When the panel switched over to questions from the audience, a surprise guest asked the most salient question of all. 

Before anyone could get a word in, Alex Vincent, who has played Andy Barclay since the original 1988 film, took the microphone to ask if his character is truly dead this time. For those unfamiliar, the premiere of “Season 2” saw Andy get into a fiery car crash while trying to destroy a truckload of Chucky dolls. While it’s implied he’s dead, his fate is up in the air. Mancini, who writes the series, asked the crowd for their opinion.

“Do you want Andy Barclay to survive?” he asked prompting the loudest response from the New York Comic Con crowd yet. 

Sadly, fans will just have to wait and see about not just the fate of Barclay, but the fate of the franchise in general. Mancini’s big message from the panel, other than that Season 2 will be awesome, was that it’s up to fans and their appetite for more that will determine if Chucky continues to do what he does best — always come back. 

You can watch "Chucky" Season 2 on USA Network and SYFY every Wednesday at 9/8c. Meanwhile, you can catch up on Season 1 on Peacock now.

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