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'Chucky' Season 2 Star Alyvia Alyn Lind Says There Will Be Something For 'OG Fans'

Alyvia Alyn Lind plays Lexy Cross in "Chucky" Season 2 and promises there's something for everyone in Chucky's latest murder spree.

By Tyler McCarthy

The time has come. Everyone’s favorite killer doll is back for another round of murder and mayhem with the release of “Chucky” Season 2 on USA Network and SYFY. Ahead of the show’s Oct. 5 premiere, cast member Alyvia Alyn Lind discussed what diehard fans of the franchise can expect this time around. 

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Lind plays Lexy Cross, one of the three teens who managed to survive Charles Lee Ray’s most diabolical murder spree yet in Season 1. However, anyone who knows anything about Chucky will tell you he’s never gone for good. Luckily, this time around both Lexy and the audience are a bit more familiar with Chucky and she told USA Insider that Season 2 will have a lot for both new fans and old-school fans of the “Child’s Play” franchise at large. 

“I think the one thing I love about this season is we definitely see a lot more into the OG movies,” she revealed. “There’s a lot more reference to those and a lot more OG characters are coming in and coming back. There’s a lot more of that.”

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She added: “I think, in the first season, we really had to establish the kids and their characters and their lives, but now that we’ve done that, we get to play with that but also play with the OG superfans of the series. I love that there’s something both, I love that there’s something for the diehard fans and I love that there’s something for people who watched the first season and now are obsessed.”

For those who did go back and familiarize themselves with the entire franchise after Season 1, Lind says their efforts will be repaid in Season 2 by way of Easter eggs and inside jokes. 

“I’m hoping that the people who were obsessed with the first season went back and watched all the movies because it’s just so fun getting to watch this season and see all the Easter Eggs that are inside,” she said. “I think this series has definitely turned on this generation to Chucky and the full franchise in general.”

Now that she’s a definitive member of the Chucky universe, joining the small handful of people who have ever survived an encounter with Chucky himself, Lind says she still has moments where she realizes what a large legacy franchise she’s a part of. 

“It’s such an honor, such an honor. Coming back for the second season, it just feels like pinch me, I’m a part of this now,’” she said. “Just to work with Jennifer Tilly and all these people who have been in it for so long and are so iconic within the franchise, it’s really surreal.” 

However, the person she’s most excited to work with every day is, of course, the doll himself, Chucky. 

“Working especially with the doll. I feel so comfortable working with him now. I say ‘him’ because I think of him as a person,” she joked. “I just feel so comfortable with him now, just thinking back to last season, a few weeks before we started filming the last season, I just remember thinking ‘what is this going to be?’ Now, me going into the second season and I’m like ‘Oh yeah, Chucky? That’s my friend. We’re cool.’”

You can catch all the Easter eggs and chaos when “Chucky” Season 2 premieres on USA Network and SYFY tonight, Oct. 5.

You can also catch all of Season 1 on Peacock right now. 

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