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Jennifer Tilly (AKA Tiffany Valentine) Gives Chilling 'Chucky' Season 2 Mansion Set Tour

Jennifer Tilly and Tiffany Valentine share a body, a mansion and a flashy sense of style in this teaser for "Chucky" Season 2. 

By Tyler McCarthy

Jennifer Tilly (or is it Tiffany Valentine?) is giving “Chucky” fans a treat with a tour of her praiseworthy mansion that will be featured heavily in Season 2 of the killer doll’s TV series. 

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For those unfamiliar, the lines between the real-life actress and her character, Chucky's fellow serial killer Tiffany Valentine, blur quite a bit. In the movie “Seed of Chucky,” Tiffany transfers her soul into the in-world Jennifer Tilly's body and begins living life as the Oscar-nominated star in an elaborate ruse that continues to this day. 

In a new video, Tilly/Valentine gives fans a look inside her mansion, showing off the gorgeous interior complete with all the little nooks and crannies that a high-class murderer needs. For example, the first thing she shows viewers is her walk-in closet, which she describes as being able to hold “15 coats and up to three bodies.” 

Fortunately, there are no bodies in there during the tour, but she does make note of the two-person camera crew. 

From there, she takes viewers to her living room, revealing the realtor said there was a curse on the property. However, she seems remarkably comfortable with that. After all, not only does Tiffany deal in curses herself but there are very few things more terrifying than her in this world (except Chucky, of course). 

Tilly/Valentine then takes viewers to her mauve-themed dining room where she apologizes for the cobwebs on her diamond chandelier. 

“Don’t mind the cobwebs,” she says. “I haven’t actually had a housekeeper in for quite a while because … well, I’ve been keeping somebody hostage for over a year and, you know how it is.” 

She is, of course, referring to Nica Pierce, who was possessed by the soul of Charles Lee Ray in the finale of “Cult of Chucky.” However, in Season 1 of “Chucky,” she gets some control of her body back, forcing Tiffany to take matters into her own hands to keep their relationship going. Unfortunately, Nica isn’t on the mansion tour, so it’s unclear if she’s still a captive of Tiffany’s … But the cobwebs don’t inspire confidence. 

After all this touring and nuance, Tilly/Valentine gets a little thirsty and fixes herself a cocktail from the full bar, a setup she says is essential to any good dining room. She sips her drink as she shows off her all-pink bedroom, which she designed herself. 

"You can never have too much pink," she notes. 

However, she then quickly ushers viewers upstairs for a surprise. 

That’s where “Chucky” set designer John Dondterman offers some insight into where the decor of Tilly/Valentine’s room came from, noting that everything was specially designed and made just for the set, from the curtains to the rug to the trophies and accolades on the nightstand. 

“Those are the trophies that I won for being a brilliant actress. Let’s get that straight right now, Mr. Don,” she shoots back, purposely screwing up his name. 

“He’s like a crazy man who lives in the neighborhood,” she adds. 

With the wheels coming off her tour a little bit, Tilly/Valentine decides it’s time to end the tour and informs the crew they can leave her home, but not before telling people one last time to get excited for the Season 2 premiere of “Chucky” on Oct. 5 on USA Network and SYFY. 

In the meantime, fans can catch up on Season 1 on Peacock right now. 

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