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'Chucky' Stars Reveal Whether They (Still) Get Freaked Out By The Killer Doll On Set

"Chucky" has been terrorizing the kids of Hackensack for two seasons now. Are the stars still afraid of him on set? 

By Tyler McCarthy
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Even if you’ve been exposed to him for a while, it turns out you never truly get used to interacting with Chucky, according to the cast of Season 2.

Zackary Arthur and Björgvin Arnarson, who play Jake Wheeler and Devon Evans, respectively, have the distinction of being some of the only people to have survived encounters with Charles Lee Ray (for now). They’ve been attacked, and they’ve fought back and lost loved ones. After so much exposure to the doll while working on the set of the show, one would think they’ve grown desensitized to its creepiness

Speaking to USA Insider at New York Comic Con recently, the duo revealed he’s still just as “freaky” as ever, even behind the scenes. 

“When someone is throwing a 30-to-40-pound doll on your back, it is a little scary,” Arthur explained. “People always think if you see that, see how it’s done then it’s not as scary, but I still think Chucky is really freaky. You look into his eyes and it’s still pretty creepy. But it’s really interesting to see how it all works.” 

As for Arnarson, he’s proud of being one of the least jumpy people on set, even if he says it’s due to his paranoia. So, while he doesn’t find working with Chucky on set to be that scary, the implication he’s alive still gets him.

“Honestly, I would probably get scared if I saw Chucky in real life,” he said. “Chucky on set isn’t very scary but if I saw a doll that was chilling there and he looked at me and started talking, I would be pretty terrified.” 

Unfortunately for the actors, Chucky isn’t always as inanimate on set as one would hope. The character comes to life on-screen by way of master puppeteers most of the time. However, sometimes when puppets can’t do the trick physically, they enlist the help of an adorable young boy named Jacob who, when fully in costume, enjoys freaking people out on set, making him the horror hero we all need today. 

“Dude, Jacob … They give him – it’s not a real knife, but they give him a knife and he goes running up to people and it’s freaky!” Arthur said. 

“He hasn’t scared me,” a confident Arnarson said. 

“Yeah, yet!” Arthur replied.  

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They both implied that their co-star, Alyvia Alyn Lind, who plays Lexy Cross, is the most likely to get scared on set. However, she previously told USA Insider that she's grown used to seeing Chucky at this point. 

"I feel so comfortable working with him now," she said. "I say 'him' because I think of him as a person. I just feel so comfortable with him now, just thinking back to last season, a few weeks before we started filming the last season, I just remember thinking 'what is this going to be?' Now, me going into the second season I’m like ‘Oh yeah, Chucky? That’s my friend, we’re cool.’"

While they all struggle with keeping their cool on the set of “Chucky” Season 2, they’re very excited for fans to see what they’ve got in store for them as more episodes air. 

“Expect craziness,” Arthur said. “It only gets better from here, honestly.” 

“I think the biggest difference is, it’s going to focus on our characters and our relationship and I’m excited for you guys to see it,” Arnarson concluded. 

You can watch “Chucky” Season 2 every Wednesday at 9/8c on USA Network and SYFY. You can catch up on past episodes on Peacock right now. 

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