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Zackary Arthur, Björgvin Arnarson On Going Head-To-Head With 'Chucky' In Season 2

Jake and Devon's lives were ruined by Chucky, so they're ready to fight for what they have left in Season 2.

By Tyler McCarthy

After he ruined their lives in Season 1, new couple Jake Wheeler (Zackary Arthur) and Devon Evans (Björgvin Arnarson) are prepared to fight Charles Lee Ray this time around in “Chucky” Season 2. 

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Episode 2 sees them do just that when the duo fearlessly chases a Chucky doll into the bathroom of their new Catholic reform school to have one hell of a physical throw down with him. It’s clear from Devon’s football punt-style kick to Chucky’s chest that they’re older, braver, and playing by different rules this time around. If there's one thing we've learned from the "Child's Play" franchise, it's that surviving even just one round with Chucky will leave you a little scarred and a lot more badass. (Just look at Andy Barclay.)

Speaking to USA Insider, the actors discussed the responsibility they feel to be playing two of the small handful of characters who can say they’ve survived going "mano y doll" with the infamous slasher villain as well as their excitement to show fans even more later this season.

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“I guess I feel lucky to have survived Chucky. A lot of people from other movies weren’t so lucky. A lot of people died. I feel honored to have not been killed by him,” Arnarson said. “It’s kind of crazy being part of such a big, known franchise that’s been going on such a long time. I don’t know, I’m kind of nervous but it’s also kind of surreal. This fan base has already built up and is just appreciating this new show. I enjoy it.” 

Arthur agreed, noting he too is in awe of his character still being alive after crossing Chucky in a way that only Andy (Alex Vincent) has in the past. 

“Chucky has always been kind of a household name, you can ask anybody, everyone knows that creepy dude,” he explained. “So, it was just surreal when I found out that I had got the part and I’ve just been so fortunate to be in the position I am now to be working with such great people like Jennifer Tilly and Devon Sawa and everybody. It’s been so cool.” 

As for what fans can expect from their newfound bravery and position as slasher survivors going forward, Arthur teased that viewers will get a bit more insight into who Charles Lee Ray actually is. 

“Because of the extra screen time [in Season 2] we get to develop the characters and everything. We actually get to dive more into Chucky’s past and the whole story of Jennifer Tilly and Glen/Glenda,” he said. “That whole storyline, I think fans are going to be really excited to see how that story integrates with everything. It’s really cool.” 

Horror fans can see how it all unfolds every week on “Chucky,” with new episodes airing Wednesdays at 9/8c on USA Network and SYFY.

You can catch up on “Chucky” Season 1 on Peacock

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