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Who Left Couple to Throuple in a Shocking Villa Exit? The Major Moment, Explained

This surprising villa exit brought out the tears from castmates on Peacock's polyamorous dating show, Couple to Throuple. 

By Jill Sederstrom
Wilder and Corey appear in Season 1 of Couple to Throuple

They came as a couple and left as a throuple.

In a shocking exit, Corey Potter and Wilder Bunke decided to ride off into the sunset with their new girlfriend Denyse, to try the throuple life outside the walls of the resort on the latest episode of the polyamorous dating show, Couple to Throuple

“I am so excited to get out of this resort with my boyfriend and my girlfriend because I know we are going to tear it up,” Potter said as the three walked hand-in-hand down the steps of the resort. “We’re ready to be out in the real world and put this real throuple to the test.” 

Why did Corey Potter and Wilder Bunke leave Couple to Throuple?

Bubbly blonde Corey Potter and her easygoing beau, Wilder Bunke quickly found a connection with Playboy Bunny Denyse Davis, the first — and only — woman they asked to join them at the villa during their stay.

Although they had a few bumps along the way as Corey adjusted to seeing Wilder be affectionate with someone else, it has been a pretty smooth ride for the trio.

Wilder and Corey appear in Season 1 of Couple to Throuple

“So being here in the resort has been really good for us to get to know each other and get those first solid bonds going, but now all three of us are feeling a little antsy,” Corey explained of their decision to leave. “We’re like, let’s see how we all do outside of this resort.” 

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Wilder dramatically showed his commitment to his two girlfriends at the most recent stay-or -wap ceremony when he took Denyse’s chair and hurled it into the water near the bridge between the singles and throupled-up couples. 

“I don't think we need swap anymore,” he said. “We’re staying.” 

When did Corey Potter and Wilder Bunke become an official Throuple?

The threesome decided to make their relationship official in Episode 5 during an honesty exercise inside a sweat lodge. The singles in each throuple were tasked with asking the couple any question they wanted as they all sweated it out together in the tent. 

After asking whether there were any negatives to her personality, Denyse had one final question.

“Do you guys want me to be your girlfriend?” she asked. 

Lauren, Dylan, Brittne, Sean, Rehman, Ashmal, Corey, and Wilder appear in Season 1 of Couple to Throuple

“Very much, yeah,” a giddy Corey replied. 

Corey, a Massachusetts native with an affinity for color, fairy wings, funky clothes and plants, joined her long-time beau Wilder, a Los Angeles-based photographer who loves to travel, on the show to see whether a polyamorous lifestyle could work for them. They quickly connected with Denyse and chose to bring her into the villa as they experimented with the new relationship.

The strength of the throuple’s bond was on full display in Episode 6 as they were the first throuple team to put together a tent in the jungle, another relationship exercise designed to assess their communication skills. 

“You know there’s an interesting dynamic happening with Corey, Wilder, and Denyse,” said sex and relationship expert Shamyra Howard as she watched them efficiently tear through the task. “They have connected really well, so they know what they want, they know what they have, and what that has done is it’s allowed them to be a little bit more quiet.” 

How did the Couple To Throuple cast react to the departure?

Back at the resort, the trio decided it was time for them to leave, a decision they shared during a beachside one-one-one chat with Shamyra and host Scott Evans.

“We feel like we’ve, we’ve kind of plateaued in our ability to maybe take the next step as a throuple and I don’t really want to lose the momentum that we’ve built up by staying in the same environment when feeling a little bit like stifled,” Corey said. 

“Well, listen, it’s pretty cool the progress that you all have made and it seems like y’all are ready to try this thing outside of the resort am I right?” Scott replied. 

After the casual meeting, as the throuple ran down the beach, Scott told Shamyra, “They are so ready.” 

While Corey, Wilder, and Denyse may have been ready to leave resort life behind, the rest of the cast were not ready to let them go.

“So as y’all know we came here to turn this couple into a throuple and throughout this crazy journey, you know, with you guys we’ve learned a lot, we’ve grown so much as people, so it is really hard to tell you that right now, we’re gonna be a — we’re gonna be exiting the resort,” Wilder announced. 

Hugs and tears were shed as the Couple to Throuple cast said their goodbyes to the upbeat trio. 

“As much as I’m so happy for them, it is so sad to see them go,” Becca Calb said.

“It’s like a lot of emotions and it’s bittersweet because clearly this experience works, right?” Brittne Babe added during a confessional. “I mean, these three are thriving.”  

After the emotional goodbyes, Corey, Wilder, and Denyse walked hand-in-hand down the steps of the resort and into the real world. 

To catch up on all the latest drama, watch Couple to Throuple, now streaming on Peacock.

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