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Are the Winners of The Big D Still Together? Here's What Happened After the Finale

The couple that ended up winning The Big D had to face the real world after the show ended. Did their newfound relationship survive? 

By Tyler McCarthy
The Big D's Devon and Alexis walk along the beach while smiling at the camera

The Big D came to a thrilling and appropriate end that saw the previously voted-off cast members pick who they believed deserved the cash prize among the two remaining couples. Now that it’s all over and done with, many may be wondering how the winners’ love fared after the cameras stopped rolling. 

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As with most things in love, the answer is complicated. 

SPOILER ALERT for The Big D finale

Who won The Big D? 

Alexis and Devon won Season 1 of The Big D.

After arriving at the show on day one as a divorced couple with seemingly no hope of reconciliation, Alexis and Devon rekindled their romance somewhere along the line and ended up going all the way to the finale where their newfound respect for each other convinced everyone that they’d go the distance after the show and therefore they deserved the $50,000 to put toward their future together. 

It makes sense. While runners-up Ben and Casey’s newly formed relationship was indeed both spicy and romantic, it was still new. Meanwhile, Devon and Alexis had a foundation to build on and not only knew where their relationship pitfalls were but spent their time on the show actively working on them with the help of Dr. Jada Jackson. The results, especially on Devon's side, were visible. So, ultimately, they took home the big win. But how were things once they got home? 

Are Devon and Alexis from The Big D Still Together? 

The divorcees spoke with USA Insider after the finale was filmed to explain what happened in the weeks after the show ended and whether their relationship held out back in the real world. The short answer: it didn’t. They are not currently together. However, they were happy to share the longer, more nuanced answer to that question. 

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“When I talk about this experience, it’s so crazy being in Costa Rica for 10 weeks and you’re away from all your responsibilities, away from your job, away from family and friends anyone other than just working on yourself,” Alexis began. “I say that just to say, when we got home, we ended up getting a place together, but I work in Atlanta and we got a place in Charleston, and having to drive back and forth and stuff like that, and we didn’t have Dr. Jada there anymore… So it was more like, real life stuff, pressures that were put on us.” 

The Big D's Alexis, Devon, David, and Angelique

She went on to explain that they didn’t have any kind of explosive falling out, but merely couldn’t make a relationship — let alone re-marriage — work given the physical distance between them. Devon agreed. 

“It’s just one of those situations when you’re in paradise when you’re there because you’re not having to deal with 100% of the responsibilities that you leave back home, which is your work, whatever other situations you have to fix, etc.,” he said. “So then when you get back, you’re good. It’s not that we’re bad or anything like that, it’s almost like a speed race. So for love, I feel, for love to be most efficient, I’m a slow burner, I think sometimes you’ve got to take a step back and be able to take the time to work on yourself.”

He added: “This experience allowed me to work on myself just like it’s allowed her to work on herself, but being that she lives in Atlanta, it was pretty difficult. It just made things difficult with the up and down travel and, at the end of the day, you’ve got to choose what’s right for you and what’s best for that person and her move to stay in Atlanta is what’s best for her and my move here in Charleston is what’s best for me. We’re still ‘To Be Continued,’ that’s the way I’d put it.” 

Alexis noted again that, although reconnecting with Devon on the show led to very powerful feelings that were genuine and honest, going home made her realize that she was not ready to sacrifice her career aspirations for him just yet. 

"I would say we’re still figuring things out because, for my job, I don’t see myself moving from Atlanta and with his job, he doesn’t see himself moving away from Charleston. So it’s like… what?" she said. "I think if we were to put a status on anything, it would literally be blank. We still have the love for each other and there’s still communication. But, for me, I want to climb the ladder right now in my career. I want more for myself.” 

It seems, as it happens for even the most star-crossed lovers, life got in the way.

Did Devon and Alexis regret doing The Big D?

The Big D's Devon and Alexis seated on a couch together

Despite not having the post-show life they thought they would at the finale, Devon and Alexis are grateful to the whole experience for helping them salvage the friendship they had before their divorce.

“Looking back I would absolutely do this again,” Devon explained. “What I got from this whole entire experience was, I got to look at myself in a way that sometimes others may actually tell me things and because sometimes I do become very stubborn, I don’t like to see my own problems and whatnot. This experience allowed me to see my problems and be like, ‘Hey, you need to work on that, bro. Take the time to work on that.’ I’ve actually been putting in the work. I’m still putting in the work. That’s one of the best things I can take from it. Obviously, rekindling with Alexis, and getting your best friend back, that's awesome too, but it allowed me to mature as a man. So I would do this all over again, obviously.” 

Alexis agreed, noting that she too was able to grow and loves that she’s got a better relationship with Devon than the toxic one she had when they started their Big D experience. However, she also revealed she loves the community she became a part of by joining the show. 

“With my castmates, especially the ones I had till the end, my ride or dies, it was a beautiful support system,” she revealed. 

She noted too that having Dr. Jada on hand, although it wasn’t shown too much on the show, was very helpful for her and Devon’s reconciliation. 

“It was very therapeutic to be able to tell Devon how I felt about everything and being in a safe place to do that and even having a professional there to explain and be able to mediate and be able to help,” she concluded. “Then my castmates are there to hug me and help me after? It was a great experience! It was great.” 

The Big D is available to stream on Peacock.

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