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The Big D's Casey Shares Thoughts on Potentially Getting Married Again after New Romance

Casey's time on The Big D shaped her thoughts on getting married again after her divorce. 

By Shameika Rhymes

Episode 6 of the USA Network originals series The Big D was an eventful one for Casey Costa as she mediated fights, sat through some awkward flirtations, even more awkward reconciliations and, most importantly, began to really hit it off with a new man for the first time since her divorce. 

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Casey started her journey in the house making it clear that she was not only single and ready to date but wanted her ex, Brooks, to find someone as well (although she regrets the way she pushed him to move on). However, with Brooks getting booted from the villa relatively quickly, she was free to explore her newfound freedom and is doing so with Ben. Casey seems keen on pursuing things with her new man in the villa, but what does that look like for someone who is still dealing with a lot of post-divorce feelings? USA Insider caught up with her to see if her relationship on the show changed her views on marriage and divorce in any way. 

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“I was open to any possibility. I was single,” Casey said of her time on the show. “In a way, I feel like I was a wild one because I had been so disappointed in the fact that my marriage had ended and I married someone and it didn't work out. So, I was open to anything, but I also had this wall built up where I was like, ‘I'm not going to allow myself to really fall in love again with somebody for a potentially failed marriage again.'” 

The Big D's Casey

She said that made her feel extra “spunky” in the house, which she feels may have rubbed some of the other single ladies in the house the wrong way. At the end of the day, The Big D is a game and coupling is a major part of staying in it. Because Brooks left early, Casey had more freedom than most to simply be single and pursue men in the house, regardless of where they were at with their respective exes.

“I was pretty much a threat to the girls because they knew that I was completely single and ready to date someone in the house,” she confessed. “And so, in a way, people thought I was kind of the person who was pouncing.” 

At the time, she was just looking to date and get past her feelings about her marriage. However, she went into the experience feeling like she had made up her mind to never get married again. After touching base with Brooks and getting to know Ben, she says her opinion changed a lot. 

“I'm not opposed to getting married ever again. I was, though, for years, post-divorce. I was pretty much against marriage. I never wanted to do it again. I swore up and down, I would never get married again,” she said. “But, upon dating and then finding love, I felt like actually more of a powerful woman where I felt like marriage was actually such a beautiful thing when you're truly in love. And I felt like I wasn't entirely ready for marriage at the time that I did get married."

She stopped short of revealing how things work out with her and Ben on the show, but she did note that part of her growth on the show was learning when to walk away.

“I feel like I'm OK with not settling. Like, if I don't get married ever again, that's, that's OK. It's okay if a woman never gets married again. You deserve to be respected and loved and have affection and attention. And if someone's not giving you that, then don't walk down the aisle to that!” 

Is she referring to her relationship with Brooks or her endeavors with Ben on The Big D? Fans will just have to tune in to the remainder of the season to find out. 

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Additional reporting by Shameika Rhymes

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