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Meet The Big D Former Couple Ariel and Blair

Ariel and Blair are coming to The Big D to see if their different career goals are enough to end their marriage for good. 

By Tyler McCarthy

Can a couple make their relationship work despite having very different goals in life? Well, Ariel and Blair are hoping to find out on USA Network’s latest reality dating series The Big D

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The couple are joining hosts Jojo Fletcher, Jordan Rodgers, and relationship expert Dr. Jada Jackson in paradise with several other recently divorced couples to see if they can salvage their relationship or find love with someone else who knows the double-edged sword of ending a marriage. However, the duo has an uphill battle ahead of them, which they break down in a video introducing them to the show. 

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Ariel and Blair are on awkward terms with each other following their divorce. He explains it “definitely wasn’t love at first sight” when they first met each other. 

“She thought I was a scrawny nerd,” he explained in the video.

He eventually won her over thanks in large part to his admittedly goofy laugh, which Ariel said never failed to make her smile. Although they didn’t rush into a relationship, it seems they may have rushed into marriage. Blair said they were only two months into dating they decided they were ready to spend the rest of their lives together. Obviously, that didn’t work out. 

As time went on, their goals started to be at odds with each other. 

“After the first couple of years, she started to change,” he explained. “She wanted to jump into social media. It became more about social media than it became about our relationship. She moved to LA.” 

Ariel doesn’t apologize for her decision to pursue a career in social media. She does however admit getting married young, before they both knew what they wanted out of life and whether they were compatible in that regard, may have been a mistake. That said, she still hopes they can make a relationship work.

“I would be open to rekindle,” she said. “He’s the only person that I’ve ever been in love with.” 

Blair, meanwhile, can’t see past the person she became and is doing everything he can to signal to Ariel that he’s not interested. 

“I’m still very cold to Ariel,” he concluded. “I hope, through this experience, that we can get past that whole part of our lives.” 

Will their time on The Big D help them find their way back to each other, or will it show them that they can find compatibility with other people? Those curious will just have to tune in to find out

The Big D premieres on June 14 at 10 PM ET right after new episodes of Temptation Island as part of USA’s Wednesday night "Hump Day" programming line-up. Catch up on past episodes on Peacock.

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