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Meet The Big D Ex-Couple Alexis and Devon

Can marriage work the second time around? Meet The Big D ex-couple Alexis and Devon as they explore rekindling what once was. 

By Shameika Rhymes
The Big D: Meet Alexis and Devon

Can divorced exes find love again? At least one of The Big D's couples seems to think so. Hosted by married couple JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers, The Big D premieres on June 14 right after the Season 5 premiere of Temptation Island.

How to Watch

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The Big D takes divorced couples and puts them in a tropical villa where they will pursue a second chance at love by dating the other divorcees in the house. The show will have elimination ceremonies and a big prize of $50,000 for the couple who ends the season in a committed relationship.

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Some of the couples are looking to rekindle the love, while others are ready to move on to the next relationship with someone else. Dr. Jada Jackson is the relationship expert who will be on hand to provide guidance for each of their situations and decisions. One of the divorced couples Alexis and Devon shared what broke their marriage in half during their video introduction. 

Alexis Nicole is from Atlanta, Georgia, and Devon Wright is from Charleston, South Carolina. They were married for a year, but strained relationships with in-laws and Devon’s tendency to start conflicts tore them apart.

“My mom definitely meddled in our relationship. She was texting him rude, long messages,” Alexis shared. She added it would get to the point that Devon and her mother would go back and forth messaging, leaving voice messages, and blocking each other. The conflict would even spill over in person, making things uncomfortable. She said her mother kept telling her that Devon was not the person for her.

“It just got to a point in time where things got super toxic,” he added about why they had to divorce. 

They have been divorced for two years, but have they given up on each other?

In the video, Alexis is seen telling Devon that by the end of the experience, he will be heavy on her mind. They both appear to be interested in a second chance with each other since they didn’t get to fully experience their life together without interference. We’ll see if they reconnect or decide that it’s not worth dealing with outside influences on their relationship. Dr. Jackson may have some solid advice for them to navigate moving forward or staying apart. 

The Big D premieres on June 14 at 10 PM ET right after new episodes of Temptation Island as part of USA’s Wednesday night "Hump Day" programming line-up. Catch up on past episodes on Peacock.


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