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Meet the Divorced Couples Competing on USA Network's The Big D

Will these divorced couples rekindle their relationships or find new love in Costa Rica?

By Caitlin Busch

Costa Rica: sun, sand, and your ex making connections with other recent divorcees right in front of your eyes.

How to Watch

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USA Network's new reality dating show The Big D gives six divorced couples a second chance at love by dating the other divorcees in a tropical villa in Costa Rica.

The show, which premieres on June 14 and is hosted by JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers, will see some of the romance hopefuls looking to rekindle with their ex — and others eager to find a connection elsewhere. No matter the motive, there’s a shared desire to find closure and a guarantee for drama as they watch their exes form new bonds. These mingling singles should expect twists along the way, as contestants (and viewers) can never be sure who will show up to the party.

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Husband and wife Rodgers and Fletcher are joined by relationship expert Dr. Jada Jackson, who will help the host couple guide the divorcees through their search for romance. In each episode, they oversee revealing relationship “ex-ercises," fun activities designed to help the singles form connections, make peace with their former partners, and finally overcome the issues keeping them from getting back in the game.

Winning an “ex-ercise” will lead to a romantic date and safety from the upcoming elimination. During each elimination ceremony, led by Fletcher and Rodgers, the singles deliberate and vote out one person who isn’t relationship material. The couple who ends the season in a committed relationship will be awarded $50,000. Jealous exes might try to send their rival home or even defend their ex’s honor. Everyone is rooting for love to prevail, but the complicated dynamics of divorce may get in the way of a second chance at love.

But which 12 people are brave enough to put their former relationship to the test on television? Let's meet the six (former) couples competing on The Big D.

Ariel Lyndsey (Los Angeles, CA) & Blair Delgado (Clearwater, FL)

Ariel Lyndsey And Blair Delgado on the beach on The Big D

Ariel and Blair were married for four and a half years. Ariel left Blair after he cheated on her and while she’s open to rekindling, Blair has moved on.

Casey Costa (Lake Tahoe, CA) & Brooks Peters (Lake Tahoe, CA)

Casey Costa And Brooks Peters laugh outside on The Big D

Casey and Brooks were married for two years. Brooks is still in love with Casey, but she’s more than ready to date the other exes in the Big D house.

Alexis Nicole (Atlanta, GA) & Devon Wright (Charleston, SC)

Alexis Nicole And Devon Wright hold hands on the beach on The Big D

Alexis and Devon were married for a year. Strained relationships with in-laws and Devon’s tendency to start conflicts tore them apart, but both are interested in a second chance with each other.

Dede Lewis (Boca Raton, FL) & Thakur Wint (Boca Raton, FL)

Dede Lewis And Thakur Wint sit together on The Big D

Dede and Thakur were married for a year and a half. Thakur is hopeful about winning back Dede’s heart, but Dede is looking forward to a new chapter.

Ally Lee (Dallas, TX) & David Mims (Dallas, TX)

A side-by-side of Ally Lee and David Mims on the beach from The Big D

Ally and Mims were married for five years. Ally was unfaithful to Mims but is open to trying things again.

Gillian Messina (Wilmington, NC) & David Novello (San Diego, CA)

Gillian Messina holds a notecard while looking at David Novello on The Big D

Casey and Brooks were high school sweethearts and married for four years. The pandemic strained their relationship, which led to their divorce, but Gillian is having a hard time letting go.

The Big D premieres on June 14 at 10 PM ET right after new episodes of Temptation Island as part of USA’s Wednesday night "Hump Day" programming line-up. 

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