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Meet The Big D Former Couple Gillian and David

Gillian and David weren't on the same page in their marriage, and now they're on different pages on The Big D

By Tyler McCarthy

The latest dating sensation on USA Network, The Big D takes recently divorced couples and gives them a chance to either rekindle their lost romance or move on with someone else who is in the same boat as them. But what happens when the couples aren’t on the same page about their goals? Such is the case for Gillian and David. 

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The couple recently split up after some intense pressure was put on their marriage. In a video introducing them and showing the first moment they reunited on the show, both explain exactly what happened and what they’re hoping for. 

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Right off the bat, things feel awkward between them when David tells his ex she looks great and she jokes that he looks like he’s “from the 80s.” Ouch. 

Once they get more into their story, one can see why Gillian has a bone to pick with him. The duo were high school sweethearts and thought they would be together forever. However, when they both lost their jobs, the financial stress forced them to take off their rose-colored glasses and see the other in a time of crisis. 

He went a little stir-crazy in their apartment and left for three weeks. However, when he was ready to return and work things out, she wasn’t responsive to his calls and eventually pulled the trigger on a divorce. Still, the seven months they’ve been divorced, to him, doesn’t stack up against the 16 years they spent together. However, she’s still hurting and can’t see a way to look past what he did. 

The question now is whether their experience on the show will help her do that, or give her the opportunity to fall for someone new who hasn’t nor won’t betray her trust like that. Despite it all, David seems optimistic that they can work their troubles out and get on the same page. However, he’s hit with a dash of cold water when Gillian reminds him that was offered to him already and that it might be too late. 

Still, there’s hope. She admits that she still cares about him. Is she too damaged from the experience to return to their heyday as a couple? Perhaps some sage wisdom from hosts JoJo Fletcher, Jordan Rodgers, and relationship expert Dr. Jada Jackson will give them both clarity and put them one step closer to a committed relationship and a $50,000 cash prize. 

The Big D premieres on June 14 at 10 PM ET right after new episodes of Temptation Island as part of USA’s Wednesday night "Hump Day" programming line-up. Catch up on past episodes on Peacock.

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