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The Big D Divorcee Casey Reveals Her Biggest Regret From the Show

When it comes to dating, sometimes your mouth can move faster than your head. Find out all about Casey's biggest regret on The Big D

By Shameika Rhymes

The Big D brings ex-couples who were once married back together to find love with each other or with someone new in the house. But what happens when you want your ex to find love and they aren’t ready yet? Enter the drama and tears. At least that's what Casey Costa and Brooks Peters learned the hard way. 

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Casey arrived to the house with her ex-husband, Brooks, hoping to show him she’s been ready to move on for a while, and hoping to push him towards someone new. However, Brooks is still clearly in love with her still, which led to problems. Speaking to USA Insider, she revealed there’s one thing that she regrets doing when they arrived.

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“One of my biggest regrets was the first time in the house making the comment, ‘So, who wants to f--k Brooks?’" she revealed. "I felt like that was pretty aggressive, but to think about my mindset in that moment within that comment, it was, well I didn’t know that he heard me."

At the time, she thought she was just talking to the other women in the villa when she made the comment heard around the world.

“I said it so aggressively and loudly to the girls because I wanted to make it clear that you have the green light on him, I’m not claiming him, I will never get mad at you for pursuing him,” she added.

The Big D Casey Regret

Casey told USA Insider that she wanted to make it known loud and clear so that he could move on and so that she could as well. But, turns out, Brooks heard it, as did everyone in the house.

“I’m loud and my issue is, I don’t know how loud I am, so it always bites me. When I said it, he was pretty much within earshot, and I didn’t know that he heard that at all,” Casey said regretfully.

After it was out in the open and everyone in the house knew, there wasn’t a way to take back the cringeworthy comment.

“Watching it back, it killed me. If I could take anything back, it makes me so emotional, I really feel awful about that moment right there,” a tearful Casey said.

They have been divorced for six months after a two-year marriage. Although it was clear that Casey was over their relationship, she still has a soft spot for Brooks in her heart.

“The best part is that [Brooks] came out of that also knowing that we are not going to get back together.”

Fortunately for her, Brooks was the first one to be sent home, but we’ll see if Casey can connect with one of the other divorcees and find true love in the villa as the remainder of The Big D continues.

The Big D airs on Wednesdays on USA Network at 10/9c and catch up on past episodes on Peacock!

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