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Singles We'd Love To See Return In 'Temptation Island' Season 5

They came to shake things up and find love in past episodes of "Temptation Island," but with Season 5 on the way, there's a few singles we'd love to see make a return to the villas. 

By Shameika Rhymes

Filming for “Temptation Island” Season 5 is currently underway, and we’re excited to see more wild hookups and the drama that ensues from couples putting their relationship to the ultimate test. 

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The show revolves around four couples that live apart from each other in villas with sexy singles to test their willpower and relationship strength. However, the singles are just as ready for love and sometimes win the hearts of both the couples and the audience. That's why Season 2 singles Samantha Hoffman and Deac Conti returned in Season 4 to try their hand again at finding love. So, it stands to reason that more singles could return in season 5. 

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If that's the case, here are some singles that don’t appear to be dating anyone currently that we’d love to see return to the villas on “Temptation Island.”

Trace Winningham

Trace reacting disgustedly to Lascelles at the Reunion

Trace was part of one of the deepest connections that formed in Season 4.  She bonded with Lascelles Lagares and he even dumped his girlfriend, Ashley Rodriguez, in favor of leaving the island with Trace, who he professed his love to almost immediately upon separating. Things didn’t work out with Lascelles, which was made evident by the explosive reunion special. However, maybe just maybe there’s another guy in a new villa that could win her heart if she returns. 

Blake Eyres

Blake Eyres standing on a beach

In Season 3, Chelsea Orcutt went on a date with single suitor Blake Eyres. She was clearly smitten with the handsome dentist,  but in the end, despite the sparks and attraction, Chelsea decided to leave the island with her longtime boyfriend, Tom Gipson, leaving Blake still single and possibly looking for another shot on "Temptation Island." 

Morgan Lolar

Morgan Lolar smiling on a red a carpet

Morgan was a single in Season 1 but ended up winning Evan’s heart away from Kaci. Kaci wanted to work out the relationship with a tearful dramatic plea, but Evan decided Morgan was the one for him. Ultimately, Morgan and Evan's engagement went up in flames, so Morgan deserves another chance at love, right?

Alexcys Homan

Alexcys Homan standing on a beach

Season 3 was explosive with Alexcys being a part of a love triangle, or in this case, a square. Kendal Kirkland and Alexcys Homan's hookup spread like wildfire in Season 3. Kendal had arrived on the island with his girlfriend, Erica Washington, but was soon hooking up with multiple women including Alexcys and another single, Nickole Ciszak. Bringing Alexcys back would be sure to lead to some sparks in the villa once again. 

Ashley Goldsun and Rick Fleur 

Rick Fleur and Ashley Goldson

Let’s spice it up and bring back this couple from Season 2. Ashley and Rick’s relationship literally sizzled the moment they separated into their villas and when he said he wasn’t handcuffing her at the first date selection. She channeled her hurt emotions into sleeping with Kalaan Brown on the first night, but that didn’t work out after an explosive split. Rick pursued his feelings for Medinah Ali, but kept referring to her as a friend. In the end, Ashley and Rick left together to work things out, but by the time the reunion rolled around, the relationship was finished. In fact, in 2020 Rick took to Twitter to tell his followers that he is indeed single, and hasn’t shared any other updates to his relationship status. As for Ashley, she hasn’t gone social media official with anyone. But what if they reconnected in Season 5? The drama of it all! 

However, there’s no word yet on when “Temptation Island” will premiere Season 5, but until then, catch up on all of the seasons on Peacock