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Suits Star Patrick J Adams Ignites Reunion Hopes With Behind-The-Scenes Photos

The star of Suits, Patrick J Adams, shared some old photos from his days on the show to say how much he misses it. 

By Tyler McCarthy
Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) appears in Season 1 Episode 1 of Suits

It’s no secret that the USA Network original series Suits is having a much-deserved resurgence in popularity after its successful nine-season run between 2011 and 2019. It’s made a new group of viewers fall in love with the show and made old fans relive some good memories, and they’re not alone. Series star Patrick J. Adams took to Instagram to excite fans with old photos of the cast and express how much he misses his costars. 

Adams starred as Mike Ross on Suits as its main character for seven seasons before taking his leave as a series regular. In that time, the cast grew as an ensemble and clearly bonded with one another on set given that many of them remain close friends to this day — yes, even with Meghan Markle, who went on to have one of the most high-profile relationships of our time when she married Prince Harry. However, they’re not as close as they were when they were showing up to work together every day and Adams took to social media to note how much he misses co-stars like Markle, Gabriel Macht, Rick Hoffman, Gina Torres, Sarah Rafferty, David Costabile, Tom Lipinski and Max Topplin.

Adams kicked off a series of five, yes five, posts on Instagram with a solo, black-and-white image of himself looking stone-faced at the camera. 

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“Let's get serious. Seriously,” he captioned the ominous post.

He quickly followed it up with four other posts including galleries of behind-the-scenes photos from Suits featuring no shortage of his on-screen love interest, Rachel Zane (Markle). However, he has since deleted all the Suits-related images.

“I miss my friends,” he wrote. “Each and every one of them.”

He concluded: “This well is deeeep.”

Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) appears in Season 1 Episode 11 of Suits

The photos that the star shared are sure to excite Suits fans new and old alike as they offered an inside look at life on the set of the drama. Not only were there several artsy black-and-white shots of his co-stars that would make for a lovely profile picture for any one of them, but Adams shared several candid shots of core cast members and guest stars like Gary Cole and Michelle Fairley lounging around the Pearson Hardman law office set and, presumably, killing time between takes. 

One of the most interesting shots that offered a literal peek behind the curtain of how the show was made shows Markle expertly posing with a script in hand behind a set wall. The image clearly shows not only the star but the curtain used behind all the windows in the Pearson Hardman office that gave the illusion it took place in New York City when really it was filmed in Toronto

Naturally, Adams’ declaration that he misses working with his bevy of friends and co-stars on Suits (among its heightened popularity resurgence) led to many who saw the images calling for a reunion or even a tenth season of the show. While nothing is official, it would not be the first time that Peacock, for example, resurrected a fan-favorite USA Network original series just to delight its fans. Earlier this year it was announced that the cast of Monk will reunite for a one-off movie that will stream directly on the platform titled Mr. Monk’s Last Case: A Monk Movie. Could the same happen for Suits? Fans can hope. 

Catch up on all of Suits and Monk exclusively on Peacock now. 

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