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Will The 'Suits' Cast Ever Do A Reunion? Here's What's Been Said ...

The "Suits" cast has already had a mini-reunion sans Meghan Markle. Will we ever see Mike Ross and Rachel Zane on our TV screens again?

By Becca van Sambeck
The cast of 'Suits' posed in a law library

It feels like it's been ages since we said goodbye to the cast of "Suits." (Fine, it's been four years. Still!) But with TV reunions all the rage these days, does that mean a "Suits" reunion is in the cards?

Well, here's what we know about the possibility.

A "Suits" reunion of sorts actually already happened in December 2021, when Patrick J. Adams (aka Mike Ross) and wife Troian Bellisario (who you may know from "Pretty Little Liars") hosted a virtual game night for the group in order to raise money for the Democratic Party of Georgia, Deadline reported at the time. Fans could watch "Suit Up For Georgia: A Game Night Reunion" and see the cast playing all kinds of games together by making a donation to, with all proceeds going toward helping Jon Ossoff and Reverend Raphael Warnock during the Georgia Senate run-off election.

Cast members who participated included Rick Hoffman, Gabriel Macht, Sarah Rafferty, Gina Torres, Rachael Harris, Amy Acker, DB Woodside, Denise Crosby, Amanda Schull, Max Topplin, David Costabile, and Ray Proscia as well as "Suits" creator Aaron Korsh. Meghan Markle did not participate, with Deadline speculating she couldn't attend as members of the British royal family don't advocate in U.S. politics.

The special was later uploaded to YouTube, which you can watch here.

But Markle has publicly acknowledged the idea of a "Suits" reunion. In August 2021, she released a video of a Zoom call with Melissa McCarthy in honor of her 40th birthday. McCarthy asked if she was going to do a "Suits" reunion, to which Markle replied, "OK, I love 'Suits,' but why would I do a 'Suits' reunion for my birthday?"

Adams also discussed a potential "Suits" reunion in a 2020 interview with Collider, saying, "I can’t believe it but that’s literally the first time anyone’s asked me that question. I have no idea, is the answer. First of all, I would love to be on those phone calls with Meghan’s reps. That would be fun. I’d love to hear how that conversation goes. I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to the idea. I love each and every one of those people dearly and we had a lot of fun together. It would be interesting, for sure, to see what it would be like now that we’ve all had a big, long break, to see what new energies come into it and new ideas. Like anything, I think it would come down to what the idea was, what [showrunner] Aaron [Korsh] wanted to do, and what the story would be. But I have no doubt that [we], with Aaron at the helm and the amazing people that we made that show with, would come up with something pretty great."

Basically, never say never! There is always a chance a "Suits" reunion will happen down the line.

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