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Romance, Legal Wins, And More: The Best Meghan Markle Moments On 'Suits'

These are the best Meghan Markle Suits scenes you can watch right now.

By Becca van Sambeck
Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle) poses in a library

These days, most of the world knows Meghan Markle as the Duchess of Sussex, aka Prince Harry's wife. But for fans of "Suits," she'll always be Rachel Zane.

On the beloved USA Network series about Mike Ross, a college dropout who gets a job at a law firm (secretly sans law degree!), Rachel was a paralegal who soon caught Mike's eye. Courtesy of Rachel, viewers got gorgeous style moments, moving storylines about family, and scenes both sweet and steamy during her romance with Mike.

So in honor of the Meghan Markle fans fell in love with on "Suits," we're counting down the best Rachel moments of all time.

1. When Rachel Meets Mike

How can we not include the moment where the show's best love story began? In the pilot, Mike meets paralegal Rachel at the law firm he's snuck he's way into, and the sparks immediately fly.

2. Rachel Finally Passes The LSATS ...

But Rachel was so much more than her romance with Mike. She was also a smart woman with plenty of ambition. Unfortunately, she wasn't exactly the best test-taker, which means she struggled getting the LSAT score needed to get into Harvard (where all the associates at the firm needed a degree from to work there). So, it was a major victory for Rachel in Season 2 when she finally achieved her LSAT goal.

3. ... And Rachel Handles the Rejection And Heads To Stanford

But as fans know, Rachel still didn't get into Harvard, despite her stellar scores. She still gets accepted at a fantastic law school though: Stanford. She fearlessly confronts the firm's managing partner, Jessica Pearson, and convinces her that she should be the exception to the Harvard rule, thanks to her previous work successes, in Season 3.

4. Rachel And Mike Finally Kiss

Still, it's the milestone moments with Rachel and Mike we keep going back to. When they first kissed at the end of Season 1, we positively swooned. Sure, it came about because she was jealous of his new girlfriend, and the will-they-won't-they lasted a lot longer, but it was still thrilling to see them both acknowledge there was something there between them.

5. Rachel Discovers Mike's Secret

At the end of Season 2, Rachel finally learned Mike didn't have a Harvard degree after all — and with all of her LSAT drama and confidence struggles this season, viewers could understand why she was so furious he got her dream job without the work. It's so satisfying to see Rachel call Mike out — but it's even more satisfying to see the two finally consummate the relationship (in the filing room, no less!) in maybe the steamiest, sexiest scene of the series.

6. Rachel's Work With The Innocence Project

Despite all the drama in her personal life, Rachel still regularly killed it in her professional life on the show, which is why fans always rooted for her. One of her best work wins came when Rachel started working on Leonard Bailey's case. Wrongfully convicted of murder and sentenced to death, The Innocence Project asked Rachel to take it on. She was able to clear Leonard's name and overturn his sentence.

7. Rachel And Mike Get Their Happily Ever After

We admit it: We cried when Rachel and Mike finally got married. Not only was their wedding perfect (and we maybe think Rachel's wedding dress rivaled Meghan Markle's gown, TBH), but it was the perfect sendoff for the two characters. Best of all, Rachel doesn't just get her dream wedding and dream man, but she also gets her dream job. The two head off into the sunset (well, Seattle), so Rachel can start her role at a victim-oriented law firm.

Every episode of "Suits" is available to watch on Peacock.

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