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What 'Suits' Stars Patrick J. Adams, Gabriel Macht Have Said Since The Show Ended

The two biggest characters on "Suits" went through huge life changes because of the show. 

By Tyler McCarthy
Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter and Patrick J. Adams as Michael Ross in a promotional image for Season 1 of Suits

It’s been almost four years since the final episode of “Suits” aired, and the rocket ride that gave the world the bromance between Patrick J. Adams’ Mike Ross and Gabriel Macht’s Harvey Specter came to an end. But although their time on the show is done, they haven’t stopped singing its praises. 

It’s unclear if a “Suits” reunion will ever happen. However, if the stars aligned, the two actors who headlined the series would likely be on board given how favorably they’ve discussed their roughly nine-year run. In fact, a pseudo “Suits” reunion took place in late 2020. Unfortunately, that was at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, so it wasn’t a scripted piece of new content.

Instead, the entire cast happily got together via Zoom to play some games, raffle off some props, and answer audience questions about the show to benefit Georgia Democrats. 

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During that time, they were asked to sum up their experience with one word. Macht, who struggled to condense his feelings, went with the obvious answer, “love.” Adams, meanwhile, broke the rules and offered an explanation as to why he chose “family.” 

“I think, every time you guys said ‘family’ something happened to me,” he joked. “When we make a show like this, we spend more time with each other than we do with the people we love, so ‘family’ is it, that’s the only word for it.” 

While the duo is clearly grateful for their time on the show, they also have both noted that they’ve had some time to relax and reground themselves after working almost non-stop for a decade. 

Speaking to TVLine just after the finale, Macht noted how art imitated life for him in many ways. The show ended with Harvey finally learning to move on from the go-go pace of New York law that he’d become so accustomed to and find something greater to apply his skills to. 

“I think that worlds collide. As much as I felt that Harvey and I were so vastly different from each other and we are in so many ways, there are a lot of similarities and I think in the last few years he’s really come to understand that vulnerability is not weakness,” Macht explained at the time. “It is strength. And intentional dialogue is a way more healthy for himself and those around him. I think he’s always been the guy who wants to do good, he just does it in alternative ways.” 

Such has been the case for the actor, who dedicates his time to being a good husband and father while also promoting personal wellness and championing social causes that are near and dear to his heart. In fact, a majority of the interviews he’s done since the show has ended have had less to do with show business and more to do with mindfulness and practicing self-reflection. 

This is something Adams has also said was important to him. After “Suits” ended for him in Season 8, he got some time to work on other projects such as Disney’s “The Right Stuff.” Shortly after returning to the show for the finale, the 2020 pandemic hit, forcing him to slow it down and quarantine like everyone else. In that time, he and his wife, “Pretty Little Liars” star Troian Bellisario, started a family and he’s been working to be more present for them. 

“I think it's really a good question. Every day is sort of a new feeling for me. I'm very easily distracted. I can fill my life with no end of distractions that can keep myself very busy. I can keep myself entertained. In the process of doing that, kind of lose sight of the things that were more important,” he told Entertainment Tonight in 2020.

He added: “It's forcing me to be like, "OK, what's happening right in front of me? How can I dig into this more? And how can I be really grateful for what I do have?" Because you never know what sort of calamity is going to strike at this moment; it's a very scary, destabilizing time. I'm trying to use gratitude as my North Star at the moment and if I feel myself slipping too far into grief or anxiety, I just try and take a look at the things that I have to be grateful for.” 

As for their future in “Suits,” that remains to be seen. However, both actors seem grateful for what the show brought them and focusing on the good things that are present in their lives. So, if a “Suits” opportunity became present in their lives, who knows what possibilities could lie ahead? 

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