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'Snake In The Grass' Vs. 'The Mole': Why The 2 Shows Are Very Different

"Snake In The Grass" and "The Mole" both feature contestants determining who's the liar amongst them.

By Becca van Sambeck
The Snake Is Revealed! Can She Outsmart Her Team?

Do you think you can tell if someone's lying?

How to Watch

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That's what players on two shows released this year — "The Mole" and "Snake In The Grass" — had to figure out. Despite appearing on different platforms, both USA Network's "Snake In The Grass" and Netflix's revival of "The Mole" had very similar concepts: Players have to compete in various challenges, all while trying to determine who the saboteur is among them. It's a fun game similar to beloved party favorites like Mafia and Werewolf, except the stakes are way higher. There's a cash prize on the line!

Here's how "Snake In The Grass" and "The Mole" are similar, but also how they're very different.

The Setting

All Boys Are Snakes

Both "Snake In The Grass" and "The Mole" bring players to a beautiful setting to compete against each other. While "The Mole" travels from the wilds of Australia to its cities like Sydney, "Snake In The Grass" solely takes place in the great outdoors. Contestants camp in the jungles of Costa Rica and perform their challenges among the country's rivers, canyons, mountains, and beaches. 

The Hosts

Snake In The Grass host Bobby Bones smiling

Another thing the shows have in common? Celebrity hosts! "The Mole" was hosted by famed journalist Anderson Cooper back in the early 2000s, with news correspondent Alex Wagner taking over for the Netflix revival. "Snake In The Grass" players are guided by radio host Bobby Bones, who hosts the nationally syndicated program "The Bobby Bones Show."

He's also appeared as a mentor on "American Idol" and even won Season 27 of "Dancing With The Stars." He's tried his hands at acting with a guest spot on "Nashville" and written multiple books. 

Team Size

Snake In The Grass 105 Preview2

A major difference between the two shows is the season's format. On "The Mole," you follow the same players all season, starting off 12 people. Each episode, a player is eliminated: Whoever knows the least about the mole's identity, as determined by a multiple choice quiz, is cut off.

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On "Snake In The Grass," every episode follows a different team of four players, and after 36 hours, there is a ceremony at the "Snake Pit," where they vote on who they believe the Snake is. Their challenge is complete, and we move on to the next episode to see a new team try their hand at "Snake In The Grass." 

The Way You Play And The Way You Win

Snake In The Grass Contestants high fiving each other

More and more money is added to the pot on "The Mole" every episode. To get the extra cash, players have to successfully complete missions. These missions. are both physical and mental, ranging from finding a way to escape a prison cell to using a map to find treasure.

The challenges in "Snake In The Grass" also test wits and physical strength. Contestants build a boat to collect a key from the ocean to unlock a box or go ziplining over canyons to collect flags. The purpose is to work together — but just like in "The Mole," the saboteur among them is trying to ruin the challenge. There's not more money on the line, though. Winning a challenge on "Snake In The Grass" leads to clues that will help them identify the Snake.

On "The Mole," players are eliminated until just a few are left. Whoever successfully identifies the mole wins the prize pot. However, players on "Snake In The Grass" vote on who they believe the Snake is after two challenges working together. If they're correct, the team of three gets to split the money. If they don't identify the Snake, the Snake walks away with it all.

The Prize

Snake In The Grass contestant and Bobby Bones

There's a lot of money on the line in both shows. "Snake In The Grass" players are hoping to win a $100,000 reward they split amongst themselves, although the Snake gets to keep all the money for themself if they win. On "The Mole," the prize pot gets bigger throughout the show. In the most recent season, the winner took home $101,500.

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