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Temptation Island’s Paris Gets Vulnerable About Heartbreak After the Reunion

Temptation Island's Paris left the island with Tahjjic but has gotten more than she bargained for since the reunion.

By Shameika Rhymes
Paris during the Temptation Island Reunion

The Temptation Island Season 5 Reunion had everything: gasp-worthy moments, tears, and complete audacity. One of the most jaw-dropping moments came when Great told Paris he wanted to give their relationship another try, but she realized it was only because Nafeesah was done with him.

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For a quick recap, Paris and Great came to the island to work on their trust issues and get on the same page about marriage and family. Great found himself torn between Nafeesah and Tamie, while Paris was locked in on Tahjjic. Great and Paris decided to leave the island with other people instead of each other.

Paris left the island with Tahjjic, and during the reunion, it was revealed that once they left the island, he ghosted her. She wanted answers since she had been reaching out and getting no response. He responded with “I get all sorts of messages.” Paris teared up saying he didn’t realize what she went through, and that he could have told her he wasn’t interested. He apologized by saying he had a lot of things going on.

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In the end, it seemed like everything was cool, Paris was embracing being single and moving on with her life. Although it's been just days since the reunion, Paris released a couple of YouTube videos about where she is mentally after being hurt not once, but twice on television.

“I’m tired and hurt. I feel like I deserve this pain,” she said, crying.

Who broke Paris’ heart?

Tahjjic Smith standing shirtless in an episode of Temptation Island

Paris said she was opening up in an unedited video about her toxic relationship. She also shared she is having a hard time after the reunion. She suggested she is going through dating PTSD and having what she refers to as “heart attacks.”

“When I went on the show, I wish I didn’t trust anybody," she said.

Paris added: “You tell people your traumas and they go and give you another trauma. I wish I had listened to my intuition on the show. I tried to help Tahjjic, and he asked me to leave the show with him. And, here I am.”

In one video she says Tahjjic begged her to leave the show with him and even told her he loved her.

“I thought, 'Let me leave the show with him and help him with his platform or something,'” she shared. 

What did Paris say about her part on Temptation Island?

Great and Paris argue during the Temptation Island Reunion

Paris and Tahjjic had a connection. She said she felt wobbly around him and said she experienced a different feeling with him than she did with her boyfriend, Great. Who can forget the moment Paris said if there were no cameras she would “suck Tahjjic’s d*ck”?

Great told her she hurt him and made him feel like she didn’t want to be with him on the show because of some of the comments she made. In this video, she owned up to the stuff she did on the show.

“I’m not saying I was the perfect person on the show, and I’m not going to say I didn’t hurt people’s feelings. I was always honest,” she said.

Did Paris have sex with Tahjjic?

Leonila "Paris" Pedro and Kaitlin Tufts.

In a newer video on YouTube, she said she didn’t sleep with Tahjjic.

“We didn’t do nothing but kiss to be honest," she confirmed.

She said she maintained her self-respect because if they had slept together, she would have gone crazy with everything that has happened.

In the first video, Paris kept saying she would never trust anyone again and that she’s not sure if she could fall in love again.

“This breaks my heart,” she said through tears.

She also kept repeating that she only wanted to help people and she doesn’t know if she can ever again. However, by the end of the video, she shares that she will continue helping and being a good person.

Did Paris give Great another chance after the island?

Temptation Island Season 5 Great and Paris

In the video, Paris says after the reunion, she and Great were still mad at each other. She hints that something happened while going to court.

“Right now, I want nothing to do with that weirdo," she said.

She added that she didn’t care if he and Nafeesah are still dating, calling it "none of my business to be honest." She went on to say she wouldn’t go back to Great, but she is getting to know someone at the moment.

Advice to others going through heartache?

Mark L Walberg hosting 'Temptation Island'

Paris told viewers that, "It’s OK to be selfish and take care of yourself."

She says her next steps are to get back into church and pray more. Her advice to those watching, is to put themselves first and not worry about being selfish.

“I listened to my heart on the show and look where I am,” she said.

In her second video, she said Temptation Island host Mark L. Wahlberg helped her to become who she is now.

“If Mark wasn’t there, I wouldn’t have become the person I am now. Because of Mark, I am more calm and I am able to understand men better.”

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