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Temptation Island's Tamie Opens Up About That Big Fight With Nafeesah: "You're Not Helping Me"

Tamie got into a big argument with Nafeesah on Temptation Island that was not-so-subtly about their love triangle with Great. Now, Tamie is ready to talk all about it. 

By Tyler McCarthy
Temptation Island's Tami

Last week’s episode of Temptation Island ended on a moment of friction between two of the single ladies in the Guy’s Villa as Tamie Lawson and Nafeesah Terry finally put the bad blood between them out in the open in the form of a screaming match. 

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The fight itself kicked off when Nafeesah asked Tamie if she’d brushed her teeth after changing into more comfortable clothes following a steamy party at the villa. Tamie felt like that was a nasty comment meant as a dig about her hygiene and the duo started going at it verbally in the kitchen right in front of the man who may really be at the heart of all this tension — Nzubechukwu “Great” Ezihie.

Despite coming to the island with his longtime girlfriend, Leonila “Paris” Pedro, Great has shown a keen interest in both Tamie and Nafeesah while in the villa. What’s more, they’ve definitely reciprocated those feelings. However, with the tension between both of them coming to a head in the latest episode (other people's hygiene is their business), what will happen now with their love triangle? Fortunately for curious fans, Tamie spoke with USAInsider about her feud with Nafeesah and what that means for her desire for Great going forward. 

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Firstly, she noted that being asked if she brushed her teeth was not what sparked the fight but more the straw that broke the camel’s back. 

“I did brush my teeth, I did clean, you know? Like I'm a clean girl. I'm all about wellness, health and stuff,” she explained. 

“She had done several things before, like behind closed doors… But I said ‘no, you're doing this right now, I'm gonna put it out there so people can see what you're about,’” Tamie continued. “In that moment, I was very hurt… It definitely had to do with Great because I don't know what he was feeding her or telling her, but I did absolutely nothing wrong to this girl, and for her to be like she was helping me? You're not helping me, at all. You were definitely not helping me. You were being cold, you were being cold for me from the beginning, from day one, you're being cold to me.”

As mentioned, the whole time Tamie and Nafeesah were having their blow-up and trading words with each other, Great was sitting right there the whole time keeping quiet, which Tamie revealed she hated. 

“I don't have no respect for Great in that moment,” she revealed. “Because I feel like he just enjoyed it. He enjoys it. He enjoyed seeing these girls go crazy over him or whatever. He could have been a grown man and stood up and been like, ‘yo, stop this, stop that,’” she said. “I lost respect for Great in that moment, to be honest… You're clearly enjoying this. Like you're just sitting there, didn't even speak at all, didn't even say anything. Like who does that? I've never seen anybody that does that.”

Despite how upsetting she found Great’s behavior and Nafeesah’s comments, Tamie isn’t necessarily done with the love triangle. However, she said she went into the remainder of her time on Temptation Island Season 5 a little wiser to how they both play the game. 

“I'm like ‘OK, since you want to act up and play games, I'm gonna play games as well this part,’” she concluded. 

As for what that means for her and Great’s relationship going forward, fans will just have to tune in to the remainder of Temptation Island Season 5 to find out. 

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