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Four Couples We Knew Wouldn't Leave Together on Temptation Island

Every couple won't leave together on Temptation Island, but sometimes it's just obvious who won't be able to make the relationship last.

By Shameika Rhymes
Makayla Has to Wait: Temptation Island S5 E8 Sneak Peek

Couples on Temptation Island get to make a choice when their villa experience is over. Some choose to leave with the person they came with, while others choose to leave solo or with someone they met along the way.

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Temptation Island Season 5 is already giving hints of who may be leaving the island solo or with someone new. Couple Kaitlin Tufts and Hall Toledano made history as the show’s first-ever engaged couple. But in a dramatic moment in this week's episode, Hall broke off his engagement with Kaitlin because he was in love with Makayla, a single he met in the villa.

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While this season isn’t over and we can't be sure how things will end until the final bonfire, here are four couples from past seasons who we knew wouldn’t be leaving Temptation Island together. 

Evan and Kaci

Evan Smith And Kaci Campbell

Season 1 couple Kaci Campbell and Evan Smith had been together for 10 years, but ended up parting ways by the finale and, honestly, we weren’t shocked.

Evan was supposed to spend his time on the island realizing he was ready for the next level with Kaci, but instead, he spent his time being infatuated with Morgan. Kaci had to watch as his romance with Morgan got deeper and more intimate, yet she still wanted to go home with Evan and figure things out. Evan had other plans, as he had decidedly moved on with Morgan who arrived on the island single. At the final bonfire, Kaci begged Evan to deal with their issues instead of just quitting.

Morgan and Evan got engaged six months later, and eventually ended up breaking up due to cheating rumors surrounding him and some Instagram models. 

Ashley and Casey

Season 2 Couple Ashley And Casey

Ashley Howland came to the island to try to make things work with her boyfriend, Casey Starchak. But she had to watch him tell the women in the villa that he wouldn’t be upset if his relationship ended. So, she started exploring her options and after a brief love triangle, she fell for Ben Knobloch.

Casey didn’t throw in the towel like we expected at first; instead, he decided to propose at the final bonfire. Before he even took a knee, she was shaking her head no and we knew they wouldn’t be leaving the island together. Persistent, he kept going and popped the question — and she once again told him no because she was leaving the island with Ben. 

Kendal and Erica

Erica and Kendal's Journey - Are They Still Together?

When Kendal Kirkland and Alexcys Homan hooked up in Season 3, we knew his relationship with his girlfriend, Erica Washington, was a wrap.

While the news spread like wildfire through the villa, Erica also saw that he had an intimate moment with Alexcys and another single, Nickole Ciszak. The only one shocked was him when Erica pulled the plug on the relationship and they both left the island single. 

Lascelles and Ashley

Ashley And Lascelles seated together

Lascelles Lagares and Ashley Rodriguez appeared on Temptation Island Season 4 hoping to strengthen their relationship. During the first couple of episodes, she developed a strong emotional connection with Blake Blumenshine. Meanwhile, Lascelles quickly bonded with Trace, even professing his love for her at one point.

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This is when the writing was on the wall that Ashley and Lascelles weren’t going to be leaving the island together. Lascelles claimed he wanted a life with Trace and implied that he was over his girlfriend and ready for something new with her. Ashley ultimately left the island alone while he started something new with Trace. 

Who will leave together in Season 5? We’ll have to stay tuned in to find out. 

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