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Temptation Island: Kaitlin Shares Her First Reaction to Hall's Surprise Villa Visit: "I Wasn't Worried"

Kaitlin reveals how Hall's announcement about their relationship blindsided her — again. 

By Shameika Rhymes
Kaitlin Tufts and Hall Toledano

Temptation Island Season 5 is heating up more each week with plenty of unexpected relationship twists. At the start, couple Kaitlin Tufts and Hall Toledano made history as the show’s first-ever engaged couple. Kaitlin noted in their introduction video that they had been “on and off” for years, but it was her idea for them to go on Temptation Island before walking down the aisle to figure out why their relationship has been at a standstill. The Charleston, South Carolina, couple broke up three years into their relationship when Hall blindsided her by saying he wanted to see other women.

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And this week, history repeated itself when Kaitlin was thrown off by Hall arriving at the girls' villa after sending his video message to her.

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Kaitlin spoke to USA Insider about being blindsided by Hall, again, and receiving those unexpected video messages.

What did Kaitlin think of Makayla's video message?

Last week, singles got the green light to send video messages to the other villa and Kaitlin received one from Makayla regarding her connection with Hall.

“I have had the most amazing time getting to know Hall. Never in a million years did I expect to fall for someone on such a deep and emotional level,” Makayla said. She went on to say how she and Hall share the same family values and he’s everything she has been looking for in a partner. “Thank you for bringing Hall to this island, because if you had not, I would have never experienced true love and I never would have met my soulmate,” she added.

“Honestly, my first thought when I watched Makayla’s [video], I wasn’t worried. I just thought, 'This can’t be real.' I feel like she was just being over the top. My initial thought was, 'This is a joke,'" Kaitlin explained to USA Insider.

Hall Toledano and Kaitlin Tufts

Hall then sent Kaitlin a message that was dry and void of emotion as he told her he admired her strength and beauty, but he also found true happiness in himself.

“I didn't get anything from his video message. I closed that box and I was like, ‘What just happened?’" Kaitlin said when looking back on getting Hall's message. "It was super surface, and had me wondering, 'Are we fine? Are we not? Give me something."

Meanwhile, Kaitlin's message to Hall was full of love and hope. “My video was the opposite of his, I was like I want to get out of the villa and work on all these things. I did say ‘I love you.’ He didn’t give me any of that back,” she said.

And the episode ended with Hall demanding to speak to her in person.

What was Kaitlin thinking when Hall ended things on Temptation Island?

This week, Hall delivered a shocking twist by breaking up with Kaitlin again, but she revealed to USA Insider that wasn’t what she thought he we initially going to say to her.

“A thousand percent my heart dropped and I was wondering why Hall was here, and then I thought, 'Are we leaving the island?' Is he coming here to be like ‘I don't want to do this anymore, let's go?’ That's what my initial thought was, that he was here to say ‘I'm done, let's leave. I want to marry you right this second,'” she said.

Instead, Hall delivered the ultimate blow: He wanted to end their engagement.

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“I had déjà vu because we broke up after three years in New York, and as he got closer to me and I saw his face, I was just in shock and was thinking, ‘no, no, no don’t do this for a second time.’ I’ve been here done this and the shock, I don’t even think from that point on I was crying, even though I’ve been crying so much so far this season,” Kaitlin revealed.

We’ll have to keep watching Temptation Island to see what comes of Kaitlin and Hall. Will Hall have a big change of heart once again so they can leave the island together? Or are they going to go their separate ways for good?

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