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Singles Can Now Send Video Messages on Temptation Island: Here’s What They Had to Say

It's not unusual for couples to send each other video messages on Temptation Island, but now singles have a chance to up the ante with their own video messages. 

By Shameika Rhymes
Single ladies of Season 5 of Temptation Island

Things are always heating up on Temptation Island. Throw in another element to the already steamy villas and you have fireworks. A new feature for the show in Season 5 is that singles now have the ability to send messages to other Islanders in the other villa. You never know what one single has to say to someone that’s already part of a couple and where it can lead!

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In this week’s episode, the singles sent out their first messages — and let’s just say, some feelings were hurt, some felt relieved, and others demanded answers from their significant others. Here’s a look at what the singles had to say.

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First up was Brice. In his video message, he told Roberto that he had been spending a lot of time with Vanessa and gave him a warning: “You’re about to lose out on a real one.” He also said he will leave there with Vanessa if he doesn’t lock it in and step up and stop disappointing her. Needless to say, Roberto didn’t take too kindly to the idea of hearing about Vanessa’s disappointment in him, but he also didn’t seem like he planned to stand in Brice’s way either.

In a video message to Vanessa, Desiree said she has been able to emotionally connect with Roberto. “I’ve gotten to know everything that makes him unique and special,” she said. Desiree continued with Rob deserves better and not a partner that is controlling. “I appreciate you for bringing Rob to this island and showing me what a real man is.” Vanessa dropped several f-bombs and yelled about putting in all the work into making him the man he is, but she was also willing to let him go if he feels like he can do better with Desiree.

Marisela received a shocking video message from Alexius. She shared that she had been spending time with Chris and learning about their relationship. “Unfortunately, you have officially broken him by bringing him here.” To dig the knife in a little further, she added, “I’m glad he’s here because I see his potential and I’m looking forward to helping him find himself again.” Marisela took it as Chris sent her to speak for him and she wasn’t shocked that he couldn’t tell her his feelings himself.

Nafeesah chose violence in her message to Paris in order to get her riled up.

“It looks like you have been enjoying your time on the island and so have we,” Nafeesah shared. “We’ve spent several long nights together and it’s just left me confused on why you brought him here in the first place,” she added. To add further insult to this video injury, she included more parting shots, “I just hope you are getting as much out of this experience what you like as much as Great on this side of the island.”

Ouch! Naturally, Paris was upset that Nafeesah alluded to the fact that she had slept with Great.

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Makayla had an interesting video message for Kaitlin regarding Hall, too. “I have had the most amazing time getting to know Hall. Never in a million years did I expect to fall for someone on such a deep and emotional level,” Makayla said. She went on to say how she and Hall share the same family values and he’s everything she has been looking for in a partner. “Thank you for bringing Hall to this island, because if you had not, I would have never experienced true love and I never would have met my soulmate,” she concluded. The show ended with Hall going to speak with Kaitlin face to face about the video messages.

It seems like these video messages from the singles are causing some waves around Temptation Island.

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