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The Biggest, Most Intense Moments from the Temptation Island Season 5 Reunion

Season 5 of Temptation Island wouldn't be complete without an equally momentous reunion.

By Shameika Rhymes
Makayla Halstead smiles and Tia Hairston gasps during the Temptation Island Reunion.

Temptation Island Season 5 has definitely been one for the ages. From the first-ever engaged couple to only one couple leaving the island together, fights, video messages, and not to mention the ups and downs of the singles throwing kinks (or just straight-up kinkiness) in the mix. 

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The season culminated in a reunion with plenty of unexpected twists and gasp-worthy moments. (May everyone have a chance to look their ex in the eye and call them a "psychopath.")

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Here’s a look at the wildest moments from the Season 5 reunion. 

Great & Paris: A "Great" Mess

Great wanted to get back with Paris, but then revealed he felt disrespected by Paris and her comments about what she would do to Tahjjic (namely, "s--- his d---") early on in the season. She told him she didn’t perform any sexual acts in the villa and Tahjjic confirmed it. Paris then thanked Great for sharing his feelings with her but declined to work things out. But the twist was that while Tahjjic and Paris left the island together, he completely ghosted her.

He stumbled through an apology, saying he was dealing with a lot of things. 

Meanwhile, Nafessah and Tamie had a big blow-up during the season, but Nafeesah ended up giving Tamie an apology for hurting her feelings. 

Hall & Kaitlin: A Lost "Hall"

One thing Hall didn’t sway from during the reunion was his love for Makayla. He even asked her to move in right there in front of his ex-fiancée, Kaitlin.

Ultimately, Hall was on the hot seat as Kaitlin and others demanded answers about why he came back to Kaitlin the first time they broke up if he didn't truly love her. His response was: “I was lost.” He revealed that he was so instantly sure of his relationship with Makayla that it helped him realize that he had been lying to himself for the past 8 years with Kaitlin and that what they had was closer to a friendship. He even admitted he stopped paying for her engagement ring the moment they decided to go on the show.

Foreshadowing much?

Christopher & Marisela: An Emotional Rollercoaster

Christopher got mad about Marisela reaching out to his father after he told her his relationship with his father was toxic. However, he thought it was OK to talk to her family before and after they broke up.

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Meanwhile, Alexius tearfully dropped the bomb that she found out she was pregnant by Christopher, but learned that Christopher was still talking to Marisela during that whole time. She also revealed she is no longer pregnant.

Christopher's response to the news — “Were you sure that I was the father of this child?" — arguably got the biggest (most negative) reaction from the cast and audience alike. Host Mark L. Walberg even had to take a moment to collect himself and took the time to connect with Alexius and acknowledge her pain. 

Roberto & Vanessa: Roberto’s Big Admission

Vanessa and Roberto came to the island to figure out their relationship and were the only couple to leave the island together — with the promise that Roberto was (1) done with Desiree and (2) never slept with her while on the island.

Well, during the reunion, Roberto shared that he wanted to give Desiree an explanation and Vanessa flipped out because he'd led Vanessa to believe they only kissed. So when Vanessa saw the footage of Roberto being intimate with Desiree ... it was incredibly hurtful.

“I believed you, you’ve lied to me throughout,” she whispered to Roberto.

The cast was visibly on edge over how things were going to end now that Vanessa knew what happened. But to the surprise of many, she remained fairly calm, and the pair hugged and apologized to each other peacefully.

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